and then we all played nice and lived happily ever after.

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photo by candice.

hi everyone!

i hope you don’t mind but i’d like to say a few things…

i love all of you. seriously… what i love most about blogging are all the magnificent people i’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with or meet through this blog. thanks for being so tremendous and kind.

i absolutely love getting comments and emails from all of you. they are always so thoughtful, bright and full of love. often, they come at the perfect time of day, when i’m beginning to feel annoyed or bugged with something stupid. and they pick me up, make my day, and remind me of the important “little”  things i hold dear.

the other day, someone was saying how there are more important things in life than cupcake fads or lipstick and that they wouldn’t be one to get carried away with such insignificant things.  honestly, i almost had a heart attack. sure, there ARE more important things in life but the little things (in moderation) are what make life worth living too. and honestly, i hope i always love cupcakes or lipstick as much as i do now. and i hope that when i have children, i can show them my love for such little things and that we can love them together. 

the blogging world is interesting. it’s usually full of inspiration, creativity, good writers and great people. but it’s also full of people who live sad lives and attack others for fun (usually anonymously) either in their blog posts or in other people’s comment sections. i think it’s disturbing. and it hurts my feelings when i see someone i love attacked on a blog. i can live with the rude and outlandish comments that sometimes grace the rockstar diaries… whatever, i’ll live (i survived 4 years at the juilliard school, trust me when i say i can handle criticism). but if you’re going after someone i love or respect, i think it’s such a shame. you don’t have to agree with them (or me) on everything, but you do need to be respectful. 

i never intended for anyone to read or follow our blog besides my mother.  i didn’t even share the url address with close friends or extended family in the beginning…it was just so personal and we were just more private.  there was no promoting or advertising of our blog. in fact, when the first few comments or emails came in from people we didn’t know, we debated long and hard to take our blog private.

but in the end we chose not to, and i’m so thankful we did. i am still blogging just for me and my husband (and perhaps to document for our future children!) but i’m so happy you’re here too. in fact, i love having you here. i hope i’m giving back just a little to the blogging community which inspires and lifts me daily. your creativity, photographs, stories and life lessons encourage and sustain me constantly. and i hope i can touch just one person through my blog and live my life to show that i believe in living to the fullest, in a good God, in family, in true love, in marriage and the little things in life like cupcakes or lipstick…

ok, i think i’m done… thanks for being here and reading. did i already say i love you? have a wonderful night!



  1. i just have to say…YOUR blog lifts me up every day! i LOVE that you appreciate the “little” things and they are such GREAT things by the way! ; ) you inspire me and your gorgeous!

  2. i just have to say…YOUR blog lifts me up every day! i LOVE that you appreciate the “little” things and they are such GREAT things by the way! ; ) you inspire me and your gorgeous!

  3. i just have to say…YOUR blog lifts me up every day! i LOVE that you appreciate the “little” things and they are such GREAT things by the way! ; ) you inspire me and your gorgeous!

  4. i just have to say…YOUR blog lifts me up every day! i LOVE that you appreciate the “little” things and they are such GREAT things by the way! ; ) you inspire me and your gorgeous!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAOMI! you inspire me! i appreciate it.

    you are so cool that you posted this and said what you think. i think you’re a freaking amazing and honorable person! we always need to remember who’s opinion is worth valuing or not. obviously you know how important it is the cherish the little things.

    what you’ve done is learned priceless life lessons (relishing the little things) that are applicable to any human and shared them with the world through your blog. way to go.

  6. I love your blog. It is one of the first blogs I check every time I log on. And the things you talk about, cupcakes, your love, your happiness with little things, are all of the reasons I keep coming back! Some people just can’t be happy for people becuase they aren’t happy themselves. Don’t let someone’s mean spirited comments sway you. I think you are wonderful, and don’t think you should change a thing!!!!!

  7. kat

    first of all WOW what a lot of comments on this post…and secondly i totally agree with all you have makes me sad when people slag off thr things Ive posted on my they really think i am going to moderate that comment!? hehe anyway just putting in my two cents & agreeing with you wholeheartedly.

  8. kat

    OH and i an aaaall about the lipstick and little things in life…my £6 hello kitty necklace from claire’s acessories brightens my day everyday :o)

  9. Elisa

    you are a breathe of fresh air! i enjoy visiting your blog as well!! so fun to be reminded of the fun that i can be having with my husband. (we have 2 cutie bugs and are busy with lots that we often forget the “us” things that brought us together.)
    The joy you have for life and the things that make you happy is contagious. thank you!

  10. jane

    thanks for this post. My husband randomly and quickly made my blog private this week as he was tired of the “anonymous” rude comments I receive. I love that you mentioned cupcakes and lipstick because I am also, and have always been a lover of both. In fact, the first time I ever commented on your blog, you visited mine and commented about my little girls “cupcake” birthday party! I’m still debating our choice to go private, I was in the middle of adding-google ads, etc. and taking my blog to the next level. I also love the blogging community, it’ so inspiring, i feel as though it’s a wading pool for artists to mingle.

    keep up the rockstars-quality of yours, i love visiting!


  11. i’m glad you were so honest and i’m sorry that someone said that, just let it go because we cannot control what other people think. your blog is feminine, adorable, and reminds us that we can find large beauty in small things, and everyone loves it! I’m sure they were just jealous of your seemingly perfect life, but you say a lot more in between your simple lines that can attest to your faith in God and your outstanding ability to be a loving wife. PS: come and visit us in san diego, it’s only a bit away from Pheonix :)

  12. Dani

    Like many commented before me, I've never commented on your blog. Yet reading your blog has always been a highlight and it has not ceased to inspire me. Thank you for your truthful writing, beautiful images, and for sharing your amazing life with total strangers.

    P.S. I also heart lipsticks & cupcakes.

  13. Jen

    Well said :)

  14. Shayla

    I'm coming out of lurking because I totally agree! You are so right.
    I have 2 little boys and every single day is about those little moments filled with legos, dripping popsicles & yes, cupcakes… with lots more frosting than you would ever dare without a kiddo to pin it on. Your attitude is beautiful & the things you share are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes 'mean' bloggy world.
    xoxo from Idaho

  15. Today I did a photo shoot that you completely inspired. As I was laying on the ground in 90 degree weather with the sun beating down on me, trying to get that perfect angle, I looked up at the bunch of bright balloons the model was holding and I smiled… balloons just make me happy.

    So yes, I agree about the little things :)

    hope you and Josh are well xx

  16. You are lovely. Plain and simple.

  17. thank you everyone for these WONDERFUL comments!


  18. Don’t let hateful people take the wind out of your sails. Honestly, I don’t know why I like your blog as much as I do- I don’t tend to read personal blogs at all, but you always seem happy, well balanced and very similar to my husband and I. We have our family blog too- and my heart would break if someone criticized me.

    I have had people attack my opinions on other blogs and it hurts. I decided to just stop reading them, and just deleting them when I notice they’re negative!

  19. Malinda

    God gives us little things so that the big mean things are bearable. Where would we be without our cupcakes?? *heart*

  20. Marisa

    I have been reading your blog for sometime and it always makes me smile. I have never met you, your husband or any of your friends and family but I look forward to reading your posts and hearing about your adventures. You are sunshine and light and I think more people should value the little things like you do, then perhaps our world would be a happier place. God Bless You!

  21. Kate

    Taza, I enjoy your blog immensley! I work at a desk all day long and love that I get a little inspiration when I come visit your blog. I love to know that there are people out there like you who are creative and full of energy and who put all of their talents out there to make our world a little more colorful. Thank you!

  22. I think that often times when people criticize something positive (like being happy about the small stuff) they do so out of envy or ignorance. If someone said something mean about your ability to appreciate things it’s because they can’t appreciate those things themselves. I appreciate your positivity and if others can’t I am sad for them.
    Peas and Love!

  23. I’m de-lurking to comment! Have been reading your blog for a few months now. It always seems to cheer me up – you have such a sunny/positive outlook on life!

    I never understand people who make rude comments!!

  24. alli

    How did you go from writing for your mom to getting 221 comments on a single post? Seriously, I want to know how that happens!

    I came across your blog from reading that article about the bloggernacle. It is fun to read!

  25. i think your blog is fantastic! thanks for the daily inspiration and for introducing me to the “little things” you enjoy!

  26. Meg

    Hmmmm… that’s one of the main reasons why I read your blog. I tend to forget about the little fun things in life like cupcakes and lipstick. You remind me to lighten up and have fun with life, and to not just focus on the heavy stuff. Thanks for that!

  27. tv

    i'm new to your blog and i find it absolutely lovely. please don't stop loving cupcakes. life's too short not to love the little things that make you happy.

  28. Jessica

    Hey there!
    I just stumbled upon your blog, and am glad I did! Especially with this post.
    I am going through quite a challenging time now, with my ex leaving me horrible comments on my blog.
    I am taking the higher road, and simply changing my address.
    If you would like to know my new blog address send me an email to [email protected].
    I'd love to talk to you more soon!

  29. leahbird

    I'm a total newcomer to your site (found it thru Cupcakes & Cashmere), but I have been absolutely LOVING following your story from the beginning. It's especially nice b/c I too moved to NYC, met the love of my life, and we've been living our love story in this great city, as well. And even though you wrote this a few years ago, I'm so glad you understood that your honesty and openness is something to be so proud of – don't let em get you down :) It's usually envy that brings out that side of people, anyway. You're making amazing stuff, and I'm sure you've already found it so fun to look back at all the great memories.