here’s to happiness {by chelsea}

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i love the blog frolic!, which the ever so creative and inspirational chelsea is behind. she has such an eye for beauty and lovely things…i especially love her polaroids with flowers {see here and here}. and here is chelsea’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy: cheese polaroid camera discovering a new band flowers my job(s) family islands my grannies a fabulous vintage find for cheapity-cheap!... Read more

here’s to happiness {by emily}

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do you already know emily from her ever so stylish blog, cupcakes & cashmere? she lives quite a fashionable life over in california and just opened her own etsy shop too! i simply adore her style. it’s lovely.

here is emily’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:  rainy weekend mornings  black licorice jelly bellys  buying flowers at the farmers’ market  cold days at the beach  getting cards in the mail  eating cotton candy  pretty wine labels  new boxes of crayons  the smell of jasmine  san francisco fog  thanks for playing emily!... Read more

here’s to happiness {by marci}

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this is marci. i love this girl.  she is a dear friend from nyc who is still there, holding down the fort with her husband. i’m really thankful to have marci as my friend… she has helped me get through a lot and i’m thankful for her christ-like example and support. she’s just a lovely lady!... Read more