1. Those are amazing.

  2. And which burger are they?

  3. Aly

    Very Cute. I just discovered this blog today! What a find!

  4. Martha

    Those look great!

  5. She is very talented! That is so nice, and it will probably be so special to you and husband.

  6. wonderful! I just ordered her I Like You book. Or I’m going to once I come up with a list.

  7. i saw these the other day on shauna’s blog and thought to myself, you guys are just so famous, everybody loves you. you seriously are the cutest couple i have ever seen!!! good luck in dc, one of my favorite places in the whole world and i have been to many!

  8. Um, you know you’re FAMOUS when someone asks to paint you. Regardless if there is a hamburger sharing your canvas or not.

    You’ve made it big. Haha.

  9. I guess this means I’m not as scary obsessed as I thought I was. Oh good! Because I was about to check myself into a clinic. Glad I’m not the only one who loves my Rockstar Diaries!

  10. Awesome! Hamburgers ftw!

  11. I’m a new visitor, but not for long. I love this blog! I’m a big city girl in a small town (in the midwest) and will now live vicariously through your adventures!

  12. aDeLiNe

    Lucky you! They look great! That’s the beginning of fame ;)

  13. Those look awesome!
    You two make great subjects for all artists.

  14. drawings – crazy :)

    Do you know Icelandic singer Bjork? with these hair buns (i dont know exactly, how it is in english) like in this painting or in your main blog photo you remind me of her.

  15. Holly

    haha pure awesome!!

  16. AMAZING!

  17. i don’t know you two, but you seem like a couple i could write a zillion songs about. love your page!

  18. Arleene

    Wow probably the best 2 things put together into one amazing creation…food and art!Absolutely love the paintings. It’s so great to see and absorb all your great posts, I check back quite often if I may say so. It’s great to know there are other LDS blogger girls out there:)…with talent, style and creativity! Stop by my blog. Good luck with the move by the way, I’m making a move my self…I’m getting married in Utah April 22nd, and then moving there!!