1. i’ve never seen such perfection in a picture before. your outfit, your pose, the entire thing. such a beauty!

  2. wow! that’s looks really wonderful!

    ps. did you jump? haha

  3. Liv

    oh how i wish i could have fun photoshoots like this!

  4. amazing picture!!! I love it.. it’s so whimsical.. like any plain, ordinary umbrella (if you believe hard enough) will make you fly

  5. she takes the most beautiful pictures. love her.

  6. Rock It

    OMG that picture is amazing and you look great…love it!

  7. wonderful whimsy! i used to pretend i was mary poppins with my grandma’s umbrella, and stand on top the enormous wood stack and jump.:)

  8. Carlita

    this is stunning! the whole web is anxiously awaiting more.

  9. Stunning!
    Dee (from ‘our little love nest’)

  10. oh…my…GOODNESS!!!!!!!
    it is DIVINE!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m completely in love with your conceptual photoshoots. I don’t have access to a room filled with newspaper or bunches of clocks, but I do have a black umbrella. You make me want to be move innovative.

  12. Meg Fee

    oh naomi…this takes my breath away. truly. i am going to print this out and put in my room, right above my desk, for inspiration.

  13. Rosalie

    What a beautiful photograph

  14. love, love, LOVE the picture

  15. geri

    so inventive + darling.

    (can i tell you how much i love the brooklyn bridge?? well. there you go.)

  16. that is a great picture. love it.

  17. Diana

    The best 3.2 seconds ever! I love it

  18. Lisa

    Just made my day! What an amazing photo! Hope the doctor went well yesterday!

  19. EEK! What a fun dress you have! . . .Is it your flying dress?

  20. Holly

    what a great picture! your blog is adorable.

  21. aDeLiNe

    There have been so many adjectives used before my turn to comment came: stunning, amazing, wonderful… I don’t know which one to pick! :)

  22. sheila

    that is an awesome photo, very magical and inspiring. can’t wait to see more.

  23. that is such an amzing photo!

  24. you are adorable! i love it!

  25. Oh!!!
    that’s beautiful! you’re flying like a little pink angel!



  26. Erin

    Most beautiful Mary Poppins I’ve ever seen. Naomi, this is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you frame this in your home so your future little ones can point at it and say “My mommy is the coolest and prettiest!”

    Candice is amazing.

  27. Cheryl

    This is stunning. You are gorgeous Naomi.

  28. Martha

    This is FANTASTIC!

  29. Brimaca

    Wow. Do these people just ask to take pics of you? Don’t get me wrong I can see why – I’m just wondering. That pic is amazing.

  30. this really is perfect!

    and I absolutely love Mary Poppins. definitely a favorite growing up.

  31. Shug

    nm – that is a sweet photo. you already know this!

  32. Maddie

    oooh so magical :)

  33. Mrs H

    That is amazing!

  34. emily

    WOW, I love it! I’d love to know how it was taken.

  35. Carolyn

    I love that bridge…it’s a fantastic shot.

  36. Teresa

    absolutely divine.

  37. Merrick

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have fallen in love. You make everything so beautiful. I love the Mary Poppins picture….can you really jump that gracefully?

  38. Sarah


  39. Love love love this! stunning. When are you coming out? We need to plan time together! Email me! heart you!

  40. YAY! Looks like a fun shoot. You are the best styled pretender!

  41. Super Cute picture! I’m just wondering how there is NO people on the Brooklyn Bridge!?

  42. Erin

    Not sure how I found your blog, other than I used to live in NY so maybe mutual friends?.. BUT, I have to say that this picture is radical! It totally looks like you are going to fly away!

    Great blog! Makes me miss all of our (hubby and I) old stompin’ grounds.


  43. Sher

    Wow…how did you manage this pose? It’s amazing and you look wonderful:)

  44. Becky

    Love this

  45. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photo!!

    …did I mention gorgeous?

  46. Still can’t get over this. I’m gonna print it and frame it in my house too!

  47. You look amazing. Go be a model.

  48. i like mary poppins personage :)

  49. Holly

    girl, you ARE a rockstar!

  50. Amaya

    I adore this.

  51. Nigel

    thats right girl…really use that training :) hehehe love ya diva!

  52. melissa

    What a great photo!

    Recently came across your blog and love it! You and your husband could not be any cuter. ;) Congrats on a fantastic blog!!

  53. so divine and you look too cute!