why i am in love…

the other night, husband taught me how to play chess.

can i just say, that is the most boring game ever (in my opinion.)
but nothing is more adorable than my husband while he plays.
did you know, he was president of the chess club at his prep school growing up?
yes yes, he was. and somehow, it didn’t surprise me in the least the day he told me so.
i am in love….
with the bolles school graduating class of ’01’s president of the chess club.
  1. Ha. It doesn’t surprise me either! Great photo of you two. I miss you, dear.

  2. I don’t get chess either. And I just mentioned it in the post about why I love my nerdy husband!

  3. Anonymous

    just happened upon your blog. what a handsome looking couple you both make! great smile of yours.
    will give you a shout out on my blog? is that ok/?

  4. Staci

    Ok it’s time…I have been stalking your blog for a long time and I had never made a comment. I was just inspired to after this post. Can I just say how adorable you are and your husband! I’m married to a fellow geek(is that the right word) which I think is the sexiest man alive. Hooray for handsome geek husbands!

  5. Carolyn

    I love chess!!!

  6. Lane

    You two are so beautiful together, and the love you share is amazing! The happiness of this post made me so happy today, being my birthday. Thanks for all the joy you two bring, not just today, but pretty much every day!

  7. Cheryl

    Cutest photo ever. I love chess too! But I love checkers more! ;)

  8. bolles in jacksonville?!?

  9. Too cute!!! There’s nothing better then a smart chess playing boy. You win.

  10. KSBL

    You guys are just too awesome.

    I love being in love with a geeky/nerdy guy as well. They are the best!

    Love that pic as well!

  11. i love you for this post. brian is such a nerd too and i love him so for it.

  12. sheila

    learning chess is one of my ’09 new years resolutions. was it hard? it seems so hard to me {and yes, boring}

    I liked your cupcake post too. Made me yummy for some cupcakes.

  13. haha. so cute. and yes i agree, boringest game of life!

  14. Yeah, I’m in love with a guy who graduated suma cum laude with a degree in music and technology. He’s tried to teach me chess a few times but we never make it to a second game….

  15. i did grow up in jacksonville and am here currently. i graduated from douglas anderson, the local arts magnet school with a focus in dance. truly is a small world! thanks for the enjoyable daily reading!

  16. dear taza, i am dying to know what lipstick you wear? its lovely read, matte, always looks so perfect on you.

  17. Jojo

    Oh my goodness, this is so funny. I hate chess, I find it sooooo boring, but my (very nearly) husband loves it, is a total handome nerd too! Doesn’t it just make them even more adorable?! And i think it’s ok that we don’t like chess…i don’t think they like looking at shoes and lipsticks much either ;)

  18. i happened upon your blog a few weeks ago and have been entertained ever since :) so, thanks! cute cute cute picture.

  19. your blog makes me very happy naomi.

    estee cook of provo

  20. You two are the cutest couple in the world!

  21. love it.

    glad you loved jimmy t’s. that place is a gem!

  22. hooray for love!

    (i got the tapestry and urban outfitters. last time i was there is was on sale for $13!)

  23. Shug

    i didn’t think it was possible. i lost respect for you naomi!! okay, not a lot, but chess is actually quite thrilling if you get into it!! :)

  24. i bought my husband a chess set for christmas and feel bad bc i never want to play with him. it’s just not fun losing all the time.
    he’s gone back to playing on the internet. haha.

  25. Anonymous

    in response to above comments: i don’t think naomi was insinuating that she is in love with a “nerd” or a “geek”. in fact i think she generally refers to him as a “rockstar”. correct me if i’m wrong.

  26. you and the husband… pretty sure there’s not a cuter couple!

  27. your smile is gorgeous. seriously.

  28. That is very nice of you to play chess with your hubby when you find boring. He sounds like quite the champ (pres. of chess club)! My husband and me love chess- I made him this really awesome chess set for valentines day last year (although my cats jsut broke it) if you ever needed a gift for him- I will be making to order sets from my etsy account soon… Check out pictures for now on our blog

  29. wait, the bolles school in jacksonville?! i live in j-ville and know a bunch of people who went there. how cool if it's the same one!