why, good morning over there…

check out our new lovely sponsors…

we are so excited to have them here!
they are quite the talented bunch.
go check out their great shops/ businesses right now!
and have a lovely morning!
{despite the cold here in nyc, i KNOW it’s going to be a happy day!}
  1. thank you for always brightening my day! you’ve convinced me that despite the rain, it’s going to be a good day indeed! xo

  2. Ahhh! Looks awesome! My day is made!!! xx

  3. Spring is coming here in my city … and the town will be full of blossoms in 2 weeks! now we have a very gentle rain, and it’s so enjoyable!
    Have a nice day, Naomi!

  4. Oh… and I checked out all these shops! all of them are great!

  5. Anonymous

    greeting from paris! you are the beautiful girl ever! where do you shop and buy the ruffle blouse you wear in header picture? i love you taste in style and clothes!! you marriage is beautiful!

  6. becca

    Just checked out all the sponsors! Wow! There are some cool shops over there! I want to shop them all!

    Thanks for your sweet blog Naomi!

  7. Oh I’ve already found something to buy on those sites! Yay for sponsors!

  8. sheila

    they look good. I’ll check em out. Hope you have a good day too.

  9. KSBL

    hope you have a lovely morning and day too!


  10. Rock It

    Great Sponsors. Lovely shot.

  11. Cathy

    Great sponsors! I love the shops!

  12. That is really, really cool.

  13. Rachel

    Love your blog.

  14. make sure you get to #559 above. ^ (even if you don’t pick me.) a good line from tracy jordan is sure to make your day!

  15. Reb

    I’ve really got to know, Taza what lovely shade of lipstick are you wearing. I hope it might look that awesome on me! You rock.