what we’ll miss about nyc, part 5

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…the romantic backdrop nyc created for us as we met, fell in love and got married in our city…
{one of the first photos we ever took together}

  • the first time josh and i ever talked took place over at 65th & columbus.
  • the first outing was at big nick’s on 71st.
  • shortly after that there was that time he took me to hammerstein ballroom and talked the security guard into letting us dance on their stage.
  • there was a kiss on the cheek on the escalator at barnes and noble near school.
  • and then the first time i muttered “i like you a lot” inside wendy’s on 56th.
  • the long walks holding hands in central park and riverside.
  • that glorious saturday on 5th ave.
  • the “i love you” at 350 west 114th st.
  • the first argument on the corner of bleecker in soho.
  • the crying from laughter at the spring st. subway station.
  • the moment on the B train around 81st st. that we decided to finally start telling people we were ‘dating’.
  • the many nights he met me after late rehearsals at juilliard to take me out for a nice little dinner in the west village.
  • the proposal in a blanket fort in south harlem.
  • the oversized christmas tree carried up 6 flights of stairs on 108th st.
  • and then the wedding day at our nyc temple and first home together in south harlem.
this was the most perfect spot in all the world 
for us to meet, fall in love and marry. 
there are so many little corners, streets and places here
in new york city that mean everything to us. 
we’ll miss these special spots the most!
 can’t wait to make new ones in our new city!
  1. Megan

    So sweet! I’m sure you’ll make tons of new memories in DC.

  2. I love this post.

  3. Jamie

    LOVE this post. You make me happy and give me so much hope. I need hope. Thank you THANK YOU for meeting and marrying so we can all live vicariously through your happy lives.

  4. You make NYC sound so romantic. I love the one where your husband talked the security guard into letting you dance on the stage!

  5. deidra

    DC was the spot I met my husband and fell completely head over heels. I personally guarantee that DC will be a great place to continue the romance!

  6. 13bees

    so lovely for you to have remembered all of these moments. it makes the rest of us living in new york city stop to pay attention to our own just a bit more.

  7. I don’t remember how I stumbled on your blog but I’ve been following for a bit now and just have to say you two are the cutest couple EVER.

  8. Beautiful memories and so beautifully written. (Sorry, I’m an English teacher, so I can’t really turn off commenting on your diction — but such lovely diction.)

  9. And you will love going back to NYC for visits. My husband proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building (I know, cliche’ but it took me by surprise) and we haven’t been back in 12 years. When we do — it will be one of the sweetest memories I will conjure up. :)

  10. this is such a sweet recap of you and your husbands lovely progression!
    I like how you said I love you before telling people you were dating. That’s sacred.

  11. What a cute story. Mine just doesn’t sound as romantic (met on a UTA bus, first date at Damae, first kiss at Belmont…)… NYC is a little more exciting than Provo. :) I love that you shared all this with us!

  12. i just got chocked up. too cute. i know you will have many wonderful new memories in dc!

  13. This is so sweet:) I can’t wait to hear how your love story continues!

  14. Sarah

    im crying right now reading this……..i need to go back! i love you. sarah (roberts)

  15. Shelley

    Aww! So very many sweet memories! Sounds like you two should have no trouble continuing with your happily ever after in a new place!

  16. Oh Naomi, this brings back so many memories to me of when the two of you were dating and I was dating Dan. Remember all those magnificent phone conversations we’d have? I can’t believe how far you’ve come. Your positive marriage and happy blog have brought so many people comfort and inspiration. I can’t believe it. I love you girl!

  17. …and remember that time you said you didn’t want to start a blog? Remember????????

  18. Holly

    so sweet

  19. beautiful.

  20. very heartfelt and wonderful story. thank you for sharing.

    the hubs and i met/fell in love/married in LA, and have since moved away. its almost as if the city of smog now has a halo around it to us. which is an amazing way to remember it.

  21. jess

    so sweet and lovely.

  22. aw. that was the sweetest post. it made me so happy. and hopeful. thank you for sharing your fairy tale. good luck with your move! :]

  23. Oh my God! you didn’t want to start a blog?! you know what? … we would have missed the greatest love and joy inspiration of our lives!!!
    You’re wonderful Naomi, and I pick this recent post as the sweetest post of your whole blog!

    oh if you just didn’t start this story…


  24. kylie

    you don’t know me, but i just wanted to say how charming this post is? you make me want to fly to new york right now. it’ like a fairy tale.

  25. kylie

    you don’t know me, but this post was so charming! you make me want to fly to new york right now. it sounds like a fairy tale, the way you write it.

  26. Sum

    Cuteness. You two are the most gorgeous couple, just absolutely adorable. I hope you will have more magical moments in DC.

  27. That was beautiful! I have tears in my eyes in my cubicle!!!!

  28. Carolyn

    that is so sweet…perfect love story in a perfect city. I want one!!

  29. emily


  30. Martha

    This picture is so cute :)

  31. aw i love you so much! and to think at the start you weren’t sure if you wanted to date him! sillymoo! xx

  32. Loved this post.. such a wonderful New York love story indeed.

    Thanks for your info on the apartment, and good luck moving this weekend! ;)

  33. Jenna

    I couldn’t figure out what looked so different about you in this photo, and then I realized it’s the absence of the red lipstick!

    For the record, I like you both ways :)

  34. Awe! I nearly teared up reading this:)
    You two are so freakin’ adorable!

  35. Oh I cry!!! You have such a way Naomi! I love your writing style and love for life! So glad you decided to blog!! :)

  36. nice going, my eye make up is ruined, ARE YOU HAPPY?! apparently… after reading this post =)

  37. Shawn

    You made me cry with this one—how beautiful, how serene and how amazing that you have such a perfect love.

    Just keep it up, ok?

  38. What a great list! I have always thought NYC would be an amazing backdrop for love. Way to remember all the places. Nice post.

  39. wow. did you remember all of that on the top of your head or did you use your journal for reference? either way, amazing. you make being creative seem so effortless for you. i’m not used to seeing you without your fabulous lipstick. :) hope your packing got completed in time. i’m so excited for you two. “it’s all happening”

  40. wow. did you remember all of that on the top of your head or did you use your journal for reference? either way, amazing. you make being creative seem so effortless for you. i’m not used to seeing you without your fabulous lipstick. :) hope your packing got completed in time. i’m so excited for you two. “it’s all happening”

  41. you’re making me want to move to ny! love your list of memorable places.

  42. how sweet..

  43. Lidia

    this is soo sweet!!! all the luck in your new city! =)

  44. Micaela

    you guys are blessed with something SPECIAL. my heart aches with a want for a love and happiness like yours.

  45. Amaya

    Dancing together on the Hammerstein stage? That might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!

  46. anna kim

    you two look so adorable together