1. sheila

    hooray for the best pizza tip.


    and I’d miss that bridge too. Its so cool, it looks like a stage set up.

  2. Lauren

    I live in Texas and constantly crave NY pizza. It is the best, and nothing in Texas compares.

  3. lauren

    Praytell, where are these vintage shops? You MUST give me a list for when I stay at your place! So excited. Will eat up the pizza too, yum!

  4. Jenna

    Looking beautiful as always!

  5. Jasmine

    gosh. i’m missing new york for you! i am strangely sad that you’re moving…which is so weird. haha! can’t wait to see you guys take DC by storm. do you already have a house/apartment?

  6. love the picture, you kind of look like an urban angel.

    totally awesome.

  7. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it. I hope you have as much fun in your new home as it looks like you have in New York!

  8. erin

    and the F train, and its view of the statue of liberty. you’ll miss that, i bet. i know i do!

  9. Shawn

    Love the bridges. You are ethereal.

  10. I’m sure you will miss the bridge, and I will miss looking at all your great bridge pictures!

  11. i just went to grimaldi’s last tuesday, i can not concur enough with you of how amazing it is!

  12. Meg Fee

    oh man, i can’t believe you’re actually leaving. yeah thursday or friday (though I have to say thursday would be better) and i’d love to do it at my little haunt. and ummmm… i can’t tell you how unbelievably honored i’d be to do a guest post or to have you link to my last post, i mean i know we’re friends and all, but still the fact that you would want to ask me, include me–you know, any of that–simply humbles me in every possible way!

  13. Sum

    Both of you take beautiful pictures. I love the bridge!

  14. Arleene

    Such a lovely picture of you!

  15. what I’ll miss about nyc is {Naomi in nyc}!


  16. Tiffany

    I love all your pictures (and headbands!). I have a feeling NYC is going to miss you too!

  17. Teresa

    I am such a terrible New Yorker… I’ve bever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I should plan to do that this weekend!

  18. I can’t wait to hear about all of your new loves in DC!

  19. Katie

    This picture of you is so dreamy, Josh is quite the photographer.

  20. Erin

    Love this post. You two made the bridge look so glamourous. The one time I walked it I hated it. Too windy No fun.

  21. One more of these and I’m getting on a plane to NY.

  22. One more of these and I’m getting on a plane to NY.

  23. One more of these and I’m getting on a plane to NY.

  24. One more of these and I’m getting on a plane to NY.

  25. i spent a summer in williamsburg interning at spark notes. that bridge has a special place in my heart.