what we’ll miss about nyc, part 3

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i will miss the primary children of our harlem ward. 
i have loved serving in the primary every sunday for my church,
loved teaching these children and spending time with them. 
{although i think they taught me more than i taught them}.
they have brought so much love and joy into my life!
i adore them and will miss them like crazy.

on sunday {my last one here} the kids sang to me, 
gave me a billy’s cupcake {thank you erica
and all these sweet goodbye cards. 
i scanned a few to share because they mean the world to me.
bet you can guess what will be hanging all over our new walls in DC!

  1. Emmy

    So cute! Primary kids are the best. Serving in the primary has been one of my favorite callings. I am sure they will put you to good use in your new ward.
    Great blog by the way. Found it from a link in another blog.

  2. so very sweet:)

  3. Leslie

    oh! is that little cyra in there? looks like a great group of kids. :)


    So precious! How loved you must feel…

  5. These are adorable.

  6. This post made my day! Those goodbye cards are worth more than a picasso on your wall.

  7. jess

    Hi naomi, i found your blog a few weeks ago (how did i ever manage before that?) and you and josh are just so lovely.
    Is it weird that when i read your post about moving to DC i was a little sad, i guess secretly a little bit of me would love to live in new york (even though i love my little cottage in the english countryside)and reading your posts has given me a feel for what it would be like.
    I hope that the move brings loads more adventures and fun for your guys x

  8. What a beautiful blend of children! You can tell how much they love you!

  9. Carolyn

    Oh those are so sweet!!

  10. how cute, and how good of you to volunteer. we just got stationed to Virginia so we will be there soon. I used to volunteer at Vacation Bible School for the theatre kids. Our lives are strangely similar. ;)

  11. Martha

    Primary children are the best :)

  12. Emma

    These are so adorable. Good luck with the big move, I’m sure your have plenty more wonderful adventures in D.C. x

  13. I think those would make me sit down and cry. So completely sweet!

  14. sheila

    I served in the primary in Hawaii before we made this small move and I miss them too.
    I have a question for you though- where did you find the best pizza in NY? I’ve been writing my list of things to do (with plenty of your suggestions) on our blog, so if you get a chance, let me know what you think of the list.

  15. Jasmine

    aww that’s kinda sad. :( hopefully, you’ll get to go back and visit lots.

  16. Emily

    I hope you appreciate how long it took Ruby to write her message. She took forever and still wanted to keep going when we were done and was very upset! We had to help her with the spelling but she got a little confused. :)

  17. Tara

    i love the primary! im curious about being a sponser. how does that work?

  18. emily

    so fun, Primary is my favorite place to be.

  19. Carlita

    primary kids are the best. i’m sure they’ll miss you just as much! so sweet.

  20. Kalen

    the best part about your blog is that you'll have archives full of new york & you can look at them when you're homesick. that is one of the best parts about keeping your life online – it gives you access to memories you might've lost otherwise. you'll have pictures, links, comments, and stories – all reflecting your life in new york.


  21. Chris and I teach eight year olds in our primary and we love it too!

    I will be a working woman all the days your are here, so I wouldn’t be able to do anything everyday until after six…but any day works for me if you can do something that late…would that work for you?

  22. They really will miss you. Did I ever tell you that Cyra loves to watch those videos of you dancing on your blog and she dances “like Naomi” sometimes for me.

  23. Oh we really are going to miss you!

  24. Everything about this post makes me smile!

  25. I was never really a fan of NYC, but reading your blog makes me want to chnge my mind and give it another shot

  26. Hi! My friend Emily (in your soon-to-be-former ward) told me about your blog, and so I’m just de-lurking to tell you I am hooked! I look forward to hearing all about DC! :)


  27. oh too cute. working with kids is so much fun and super sad when you have to leave them.

  28. I want to squeeze their faces.

  29. I want to squeeze their faces.

  30. I want to squeeze their faces.

  31. I want to squeeze their faces.

  32. alli

    The kids and the cards are adorable!

    I’m a Primary teacher in my own ward. While I can’t say I’ve loved EVERY Sunday (because there most definitely have been challenging days), I can say that I do love the kids. There are moments that melt my heart and make it all worth it.