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everyone keeps telling husband and me to get with it.

i just joined but i feel like it’s maybe too much for me…
i don’t know.
do you have twitter? do you like twitter? 
should i delete my account already?
  1. i just joined it too. i’m not sure about it yet. its kinda pointless sometimes and sometimes fun

  2. emily

    I twitter but for me, it’s pointless. For someone like you, people would actually be interested in what you have to say.

  3. Becca.

    I dont think I’ll bother with it…it feels like too much. But then I’m the type of girl that never answers her phone so…!

  4. Emily

    I started a twitter account for business purposes. There’s a lot of teachers and homeschoolers on there so we we made a lot of connections that way. But once I was on it awhile and had enough followers and I was following enough people it actually ended up kind of fun. It’s a good time waster, anyway. Plus I’m using my updates for a future project so that motivates me to write on it more often.

  5. Diana

    oh don’t worry, you will become addicted in no time. twitter is basically the new tmi of this generation.

  6. i twitter…just signed up like 2 days ago. it’s kind of fun.

  7. i like it but haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. i think i would probably like it better if i had an iphone :D and i agree.. it is the new tmi.

  8. i like it but haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. i think i would probably like it better if i had an iphone :D and i agree.. it is the new tmi.

  9. Liv

    oh definitely fun. it’s great for networking. like what was mentioned, with your popularity, you’ll probably find it useful and another good way to stay connected with your readers.

    just be careful not to “follow” ppl who tweet every two minutes. they can be a little overwhelming. their tweets fill up page after page after page…

  10. Erin

    i heart your blog. I have blogged for a year and now am on facebook. but, twitter just seems too much. i have heard so much about it and finally today checked it out, it’s weird, Right?

  11. It just gets lame when people tweet ten times a day about the most mundane things. But depending on who you follow, it can be really practical and useful because a lot of link sharing is involved. Another plus is that it’s quicker than email. My husband and I tweet each other all the time.

  12. I have twitter, and I’ve had it for some time. I still haven’t really figured out what it’s for or why it exists. I’m out of the loop I suppose.

  13. I would say no… Why would you want one more tech thing in your life to take more time away from your life with hubby? I never really understood the point of it- but maybe I just never learned enough about it.

  14. I have an account, though I am not so great at checking/updating. I will add you:)

  15. Libby

    I love twitter! It’s a fun way to see what people actually do on a time-by-time basis in their life. I will follow your tweets!

  16. Twitter is awesome!! You should get involved in the tweetups, where it’s basically just like one giant live chat. On Tuesdays there’s a #gno (girl’s night out) on all sorts of relevant blogversations.

  17. I feel like Facebook and Blogger are enough to satisfy my thirst for making my actions and thoughts public… I know so many people who swear by it though! Maybe it’s a sign that I am getting old, but I just don’t see the point. Maybe you can enlighten me once you get the hang of things around there!

  18. Sarah

    finally! hurray!

  19. I actually don’t really like twitter. It reminds me of status updates on facebook that people are changing all day. I dunno I just think it would be a pain to do it and get annoying….not that I would get annoyed of tweets from you but i’m just sayin….

  20. delete. facebook, blogging, myspace, twitter….i say have one and do it well. and you do blogging well- forget the rest.

  21. sheila

    I’m not a twitter’er. I just don’t see that big of a use for it. Just another thing to add on my long list of things to check and do everyday.
    but you might enjoy it.

  22. yes m’lady you should delete that thing! twitter is a diease!!! :P

  23. i have twitter {@tiffanyzajas} and I love it! it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and it can be sort of like “mini-blogging.” i find it to be very fun.

    in my opinion, it’s fabulous and you should keep it. :) but i suppose it’s not for everybody, so you may or may not like it.

    i posted a video about twitter on my blog that kind of explains it’s purpose:

  24. Angie

    I twitter, if your friends are on it too then its fun to see what everyone is up to. I synched it with my cell phone so i can do updates over text. If I didn’t do that I would never update it because i’m just not by the computer all day. but i think you should do it, add your phone number and you can just text twitter whenever and say what you’re up to. you know a lot of people would be interested to hear!

  25. love it….because sometimes you want to just say a few things that doesn’t actually need an entire blog post.

  26. I like twittering and I get lots of new blog readers from using it. It depends what you’re after. I don’t find it hard to keep up with at all, painless actually. Plus you control the volume you put out so tweet once a day, once a week or only when the mood strikes. Try it and decide on your own. :-)

  27. I have friends constantly telling me to join. i’m not sure i like the word limit. and no pictures. a blog does me fine.

    i say test drive it for a month and see how you like it.

  28. aDeLiNe

    I agree with Mrs Heather. There are so many things going on!
    As far as I’m concerned, Facebook is more than enough, I think the status updates are more annoying than interesting most of the time.

  29. Still trying to figure out if I should or not.

  30. i have it, but ive been neglecting it (mainly because no one follows me so Im like whats the use!) but if you do it from your phone it could be fun cause you update as things happen rather than hours after its come and gone….

    I dunno, it doesnt hurt to have one I guess…

  31. just add it to your bookmarks and it will become easier to update. or at least that is what helped me. it is a good way to stay in touch with those who have it too.

  32. geez, great site, you and your husband are totally cute, it’s amazing.
    and i got twitter at some point, then deleted it in just a few days. felt pointless to me, but i guess if you really get involved it might be different?

  33. Shug

    keep naom – it’s a good thing to have mini conversations, and pass thoughts… many on the blogosphere may or may not follow it, but on the twitter world there is much there!!

  34. See, I have no idea what twitter even is.

  35. Suzanne

    i joined a little while ago but only recently started using it… starting to get the hang of it, it’s sort of like mini-blogging!

  36. I have one, about a week now. Just getting the hang of it. I felt that there were some people It took me some time to figure out how much I want to read/who I want to read but it’s all good. I’m not a big SnoopDogg person but his tweets constantly make me laugh.

  37. i have been wondering the same things about twitter. everybody is talking about it. i haven’t checked it out, yet, just because i already spend way too much time on my lap top without it and i often feel guilty neglecting my two little ones because of it, so, i am not sure about it. i guess i’ll just have to go see what it’s all about soon.

  38. YES! And you know I’ll follow you every step of your twittering way!

  39. becca

    I tried it for a few weeks, but it was just one more thing that I felt obligated to do.. lol. So I deleted my account!

  40. First, you and your blog are adorable!
    I have Twitter and I am the *least* Web savvy person ever, yet I’m addicted.
    You could have so much fun with it, imagine all the stuff you’ll see on your move that you’ll want to twit about!
    Keep! :)