then we flew away holding onto a red balloon…

my friends (beautiful sumaya and carolyn) and i worked on 
a fun little balloon photoshoot with the 
ever so talented and lovely photographer candice stringham today. 
here’s a little preview… more to come.
and don’t you just love the crazy things 
my polaroid camera was doing due to the cold? 
i think it makes for better pictures (although wait until you see candice’s images.)
  1. Rock It

    Omg how lovely …you have great friends it seems and I love red balloons…I can’t wait for the final pics…although yours are pretty awesome.

  2. Ems

    your photos are superb! looks like you had tons of fun

  3. Sumaya


  4. Rachael

    Those are awesome pictures. You look darling. I love your vintage yellow dress.

  5. Sarah

    Why are you so cool? Always working with the coolest people and photographers. Can’t wait to see the rest of these because I know this was probably one very creative shoot!!!!

  6. Sarah

    Oh and I also love how the weather affects photos.

  7. these are so fun!

    we just had this big celebration at my university and they were passing out big red balloons like these and we had photo fun too. :)

  8. AMAZING! I love them. How fun. I love the Polaroids.

  9. Sarah

    these remind me balloon solo….haha solo with a musician freshman year!

  10. Bekah:

    please share where you got that fabulous yellow dress?

    please oh please with a red balloon on top!

  11. Teresa

    I cannot get enough balloons, ever.

  12. If you’re ever in California look up Max Wanger! He’s a great photographer and most of his images have a wonderfully vintage vibe. I actually saw some photos of a shoot he did with a big ol’ red balloon like the ones you used!!

  13. KSBL

    looks like you girls had so much fun!

    can’t wait to see more pics.

  14. These are neat. And i’ve never been to New York or anything, but are there many places that so closely resemble Sesame Street?

    Your blog is great. Yea for being married, and yea for being LDS!

  15. OK, you know what I’m thinking. Also, still waiting to hear back from our mr. paul….

  16. Nicole

    I’ve been reading for awhile now and I just wanted to finally comment and say I love your blog.

  17. bekah: the yellow dress is from H&M; a few years ago. i live in it i love it so.

    thanks everyone!

  18. old polaroid film?
    i love the lovely little smudges it leaves behind :)

  19. janeen

    i love your yellow dress too… i never see anything on that level of adorableness when i go in the h&m; where i live, i wish though… love the photos!

  20. These are so cute!!

  21. im loving the dress. ps… i just go engaged and i cant take my eyes off your wedding head bands. when the time arrives i will definitely need one (or two).

  22. Someone above thought the same as me. I was just going to ask, “Do you live on Sesame Street?” What a cute little neighborhood! You seem to live such an exciting, exotic life compared to me who has lived out west for my whole life.

  23. Sarah

    Your blog has got to be the cutest ever and makes me want to move to NYC. But alast..SF is my home for now. Love those balloons! Where’d you find them?

  24. Lyndsey

    Haha, I don’t think you’re crazy. I love your blog and I love McDonald’s fries. (i love the balloon pictures too!)

    Take care!

  25. aDeLiNe

    Hey there!
    Just browsed through your blog… I'm in love!
    AND I've been looking for a headband for months for my friend's wedding thi summer so… i love your blog even more!
    If you ever have time to stop by, my blog is:
    I'll be back for more!

  26. how cute! i might just copy the balloon idea. :)

  27. Megan

    loves theses pictures! so much fun.