the perfect evening.

i can’t decide which was better: 
1. sitting at the back corner table of jg melons with my love… holding his hand, whispering secrets and recounting our favorite nyc memories together 
2. enjoying one of the greatest burgers nyc has to offer …thanks to jg melons
it’s a close tie. but i think number 1 wins. how i love this man.

  1. very sweet!

  2. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I LOVEEEEE reading your blog. I just stumbled across it a couple days ago & I'm completely smitten :]

    Also, the way you call your husband, "husband" is so cute! & I can totally relate…I refer to my boyfriend as "Boyfriend" all the time (but it's Boyfriend with a capital 'B') :]

    Thanks for writing such an enchanting blog!

  3. Erin

    Oh Naomi, I just adore you and the way you write. Your husband is one lucky man. Good luck in DC! I am sure we’ll all be scrambling to book DC as the new hot vacation spot after a few of your DC posts.

    Thank you!

  4. linzi

    I came across your blog a couple of days ago as well – and I love it! Thanks for sharing! And your headbands are SO gorgeous! Do you offer classes on how to make them?

  5. My word, such a cute post.

    And GUESS WHAT?! We’re coming to DC in June!!!! Well, Dan is coming to DC in June for work and I’m going to tag along so I can see my Naomi and play play play! We fly out June 23rd. Will you be around? I’ll email you now…

  6. Hi,

    I’m new to the site but wanted to congratulate you on all the happiness and good tidings that have come your way. You are so fresh and inspiring.


  7. Ohh…will have to try. We had a 3 strikes your out Saturday night (bad food, bad dessert, bad movie – I know, what luck). But the company was sooo great.

  8. Martha

    You are just so cute Miss Naomi :)

  9. Rebecca

    I just came across your blog and love it! Your photos are all so cute :)

  10. naaa, I’d go with the burger hands down…

  11. So adorable. I love following your blog!
    Good luck in DC, I loved it there on vacation.

  12. I think this is the cutest blog… I came across it today & just spent waaay too much time on it. I love your style!

  13. Congratulations and HIP HIP HOORAY!

  14. naomi,
    your late night adventures with husband make me excited for the day when i am off on my own with a boy i love.


    p.s.-THAT headband is my favorite.

  15. you two are super cute and i love love love your hair.

  16. Heather

    congratulations on the move…..

    we were with the kelly’s in cali last weekend and they told us you might be moving!

    so exciting…..i heart DC.

    do all you can in nyc before you move….it will break your heart to leave,(mine still tender) but it is always there to go back to!

    good luck with the move.

  17. of course the first option is better :) lovely evening…

  18. Hey, I also just found your blog the other day and I’m loving it! I discovered it through Stumble, always on the lookout for fellow hip non-Martha wives, so please let me know of any others hiding out there :)

  19. Carolyn

    Awwweee that picture of him is so dear…

  20. oh Naomi! that’s so sweet…
    and…I miss my {love} so much! he is on a trip to USA… and I can’t wait to have such a perfect evening with him!!!
    this picture made me happy and blue at the same time…


  21. i like the red headband! Do you have any more of those?

  22. Been checking your blog for the past few days…just want to say how lovely it is that you post about the people you love and the fun things you do. Refreshing.

  23. You two are so adorable!

  24. Being with your one & only & burgers?! Absolutely the perfect evening! You two are adorable. ;)

  25. Diana

    heyyyy my husband has that exact same sweater. you guys are cute!

  26. Sarah

    Has anyone told you Naomi that you look alot like Jenny Gordy from Wiksten handmade?

  27. oh nay, your comment made my day!

    nothing too serious. husband applied for the business program for the 3rd time and did not get in. I am sad for him and a little upset because it’s ridiculous. BUT, i am just trusting there is a better plan for us and trying really hard to be a good little mormon and have faith. sigh.

    can’t wait to see you!

  28. Teresa

    jg melons is the fiances very favorite burger place in the whole world! nyc will miss you!

  29. Teresa

    jg melons is the fiances very favorite burger place in the whole world! nyc will miss you!

  30. Jamie

    I will add this to my list of rockstar places to go for my summer NYC trip!