taza & husband have some news…

it’s finally very official! 

husband was offered a wonderful new job within jpmorgan 

(where he currently works)

…and we took it. 
and that means, we’re moving.
to washington D.C.
…in 2 weeks.
yes yes.
we are SO excited for this new adventure!
we can’t stop jumping up and down! 
(this might have something to do with our new lovely living arrangements. 
i maybe have the place already decorated in my head. more on that later.)
while we’re sad to be leaving NYC, we’re ready for a change.
so get ready D.C., we’re coming!

{p.s. remember when i fell in love with DC here? and you know i’m counting down the days till i get to have one of these again!}
  1. congratulations pet! i am so, so excited for you both

    love love love

  2. Kristie

    First time commenter… love the blog. Love Georgetown cupcake- jealous you get one sooner then I do (we’re moving to pentagon city in August). Congrats on the job. Don’t you love DC? Again, love love love the blog.

  3. jen

    congratulations to you both! very exciting! can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you find in D.C.

  4. wowsa! congrats!

  5. Change is good sometimes. Congratulations!

  6. emily

    WOW. Congratulations, and good luck! I lived there as a kid and I miss it EVERY DAY.

  7. Shawn

    so cool!!! Hope you will be living in one of those amazing colored houses…

    Love the history–but then, I am all about history—so read my blog and weep…www.swaneesinger.blogspot.com

    Congrats—love your style!

  8. Megan

    Congratulations! I’m a first time commenter too. Found your blog through Black Eiffel. Love reading it!

  9. Vanessa

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the adventures DC will bring!

  10. sheila

    that is really exciting for you. I know your excitement- especially the arrangements in decorating a new apartment.

    we move in 2 weeks as well near washington d.c. (near Fairfax, VA).

    I can’t wait to see everything there. and to see your wonderful documents/posts about DC. You’re like my real tour guide/travel agency.
    my list consists of things on your list.

    please don’t stop writing about NYC though.

  11. Rosalie

    Congratulations! I’m sure you will make me want to visit DC as much as you made me want to visit NY :)

  12. Seriously! I’m gonna sound crazy when i say i spent my whole day reading all your archives – i found your blog via cup of jo. And i refreshed the first page to read you’re leaving for DC all of a sudden… haha it feels a little funny for me to adjust my thoughts now. Congratulations! Change is good and it’s so great that Josh has a new opportunity in these ‘gloomy’ times.

  13. how exciting. i cant wait to see whats in store. congratulations.

  14. Jamie

    You are going to love DC! I moved there from Utah with my husband two and a half years ago and we love it.
    PS – I love your blog!

  15. Jamie

    Congrats on the move. You are going to love DC. My husband and I moved from Utah to DC 2.5 years ago and we are having a blast!
    PS – I love your blog!

  16. Congratulations! I grew up in that area and it is great. Good luck with everything!

  17. Congrats! DC is fabulous! I spent the last 3 years there before moving further south to Richmond! You will have so much fun exploring! (hint- best mexican food might come from mix tex on the corner of 18th and colombia and the best crepes come from cafe bonaparte on wisconsin! yum!)

  18. Rock It

    Congrats to Husband on the new job and congrats to both of you on the new place and city…so exciting!

  19. Nichole

    I LOVE DC!!! I lived there for four years when I was younger and this past summer. It is excellent.

  20. very cool. I think D.C. would be awesome. And living in one of those little colorful houses would be great! Good luck with it all :0)

  21. Congrats! I’m excited to see what D.C. has to offer through your eyes! ;0

  22. Congratulations!! I’m sure New York will miss you guys!! I hope Washington DC realizes that it’s getting some very fantastic new tenants.

  23. deidra

    I met and fell in love with my husband in DC, so my heart always leaps for the lucky people who get to experience it’s greatness. Enjoy!

  24. YEAY!! Congrats you guys!! Awwwwwwww… we’re really gonna miss you though. I’m sad you’re leaving, but so happy for the new change. I can’t wait to see the new place and hear about the decorating!! I’m sure we’ll still be seeing you and partay before you go?! YES?!!


  25. andrea

    Congrats on your new adventure!

  26. Jenna

    I’m so happy for you guys! My husband worries daily about keeping his consulting job, and so it’s triply impressive that your hubby landed a NEW one right now.

    Also I’m impressed that he is okay with you revealing what company he works for. That is an absolute no in our house :)

  27. ahhhh i’m so excited for you and your husband. my aunt lives in one of those beautiful colored houses in alexandria and i love when i go visit her there. hope you have a great move.

  28. how very exciting!! congratulations on this new chapter in your life… i’m definitely excited to hear all about your move!! :)

  29. Congratulations!

  30. Naomi!! Congratulations!
    One of our best friends is moving to Georgetown after this summer and were too jealous of you both. Were gonna miss your amazing nyc posts, but we look forward to living in DC vicariously through your blog!

  31. Brandi

    Congratulations! New York will miss you, but thank goodness for the internet. Can’t wait to read about your future adventures in a new city (and a fantastic one at that!).

  32. Crystal

    Oh, congratulations, you two! Do you know I just found your blog last night, and I’ve been reading the archives nonstop. You two just make my heart happy… my husband and I will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary this August, and we’re still happy and in love, too. Three cheers for wonderful husbands!

  33. Yay! Welcome to DC. I look forward to seeing DC through your eyes. I’ve tried to move away after college but ended up still here, 7 years later. I look forward to seeing DC through your Polaroids!

    I hope you will get to check out Eastern Market on the weekends for craft market and great brunches.

  34. Angie

    that’s so exciting! i will miss your NYC posts but i’m sure DC will be awesome too! I wish you were moving just a few weeks later and i could take over your apartment. :)

  35. Oh Naomi! How exciting! It is finally happening…so happy for you!

  36. becky

    congratulations…that is great about your husband getting a new job within jpmorgan…

    i can’t wait to see your visions of decorating!

  37. hooray! d.c. is my city!
    you will love it. it’s like a quaint new york.

  38. Monique

    congrats! How fun! You will be near one of the most beautiful temples too! So much fun for you guys!

  39. congratulations!!!

    does your new lovely living arrangement involve the lovely blue house? :)

  40. Cant wait for the Rockstar Diaries to pick up the pace in DC. Love you!

  41. And Josh, way to go! Congrats on landing something new in these hard times!!

  42. oh you were my dreamy new yorker girl! …
    I’m happy for you guys!
    and maybe I can get familiar with the whole united states by your blog! :D
    take care my friend

  43. oh yay! how exciting!! i have yet to visit DC but i know its a great place!! i’m excited to hear about all you’re new adventures there!

  44. emily

    How exciting! Congrats ♥

  45. n i c k

    Josh congratulations! We need to talk soon!! We were hoping you would say…. BOISE, but DC will be great! Auguri and good luck!!

  46. Erin

    it’s always good to spice things up. My hubby and I moved from CA to Alaska and sold eveything! Lucky for you your move won’t be that extreme. But as you know…change is GREAT!!!

  47. Wow! What a treat that will be. Best of luck to you.

  48. I’m sure you will be greatly missed. DC is the next big thing… maybe they’ll do a Real Housewives of DC and you can be the star. Of course, you would have to bedazzle all of your shirts. All the housewives could hold little cherry blossoms in their hands in the beginning of the show. Good luck. I’m thinking of the Sedaris story about when he was a mover in NYC. Have fun! – Jacqui

  49. Shug

    yay i love you guys. glad josh is doing well in his job! anyways, that’s fantastic! can’t wait to see what’s in DC now!

  50. If you need any help moving, seriously let me know.

  51. Sarah

    Waaaa! You’re moving! I bet you’re new place is gonna look so good! New York is missing you.

  52. carly

    oh how exciting!

  53. Holly

    congrats!!!!! how exciting

    ps. i thought you were gonna say you were knocked up ;)

  54. Anne

    Yay for g-town cupcakes any day of the week!

    Oh, and you’ll be in DC just in time for the cherry blossoms. Perfect timing!

    You know, I’ll probably learn lots of new things about my city by reading about your adventures. Can’t wait!

  55. Erin

    Oh Congrats and good luck! I bet DC is sooooo excited to get you two!

  56. Congratulations! Best wishes on your new move.

  57. Martha


  58. Yay! Welcome soon to be neighbor!

  59. Steph

    Naomi, that is awsome I am excited to see all the great places you find to post about. Especially since we might be calling DC home come August!

  60. Anna

    I love adventures! Especially when you can take them with your best friend! Have fun! You are going to be missed, just keep us all updated on your awesome adventures!
    Lots of love to you both!


  61. KSBL

    D.C. is so lucky to have you two moving in!
    Congrats on the job and move to a wonderful city.

    Can’t wait to see what adventures you guys have down there!


    Will still love your blog as much as ever!

  62. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!! You’ll have so much fun! I’m actually headed down there the weekend of April 2nd for the weekend and I am so excited for the cherry blossoms. I want to hear all about your new place asap!

    xx Jackie

  63. Krysta

    new adventures is what life is all about! Congratulations on the great news and the big move. DC is such a wonderful place.

  64. CC.

    congrats! dc is awesome and im trying to find a way back there to be with my bestest friends in the whole wide world. somehow i got stuck in nyc. boo for bad economy and no jobs anywhere.

  65. Carolyn

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I’m really excited for you guys!!

    Congratulations on the Promotion!
    Congratulations on the new digs, and mostly congratulations for the CHANGE!

    I love change and I pray it suits you both very well. :)

  66. marina

    How fun! I love your blog and headbands. I live in DC and LOVE it here. You must stop by the shop I work at – Nana. A wonderful neighborhood shop on U St. with great vintage and new designs. Hope to cross paths! – marina

  67. Congratulations….wonderful news!

  68. lauren

    well you should know then, last night I read in Marie Claire that D.C. is the new NYC! Who knew!?

  69. meggan

    Please also try “baked and wired” in georgetown, their cupcakes (especially the strawberry number) are a dream. I’m not going to say that it’s better than Georgetown Cupcake (which I also love), but it is definitely comparable.

  70. This is so exciting Naomi! Congratulations to your husband for landing the job!

    I always think that moving to a new place is such an exciting adventure. Change can be so exhilarating, and it’s so neat that you and your husband get to experience that together.

  71. jones

    As a DC resident and lover of cupcakes, I suggest Baked and Wired’s strawberry cupcake. Also located in Georgetown. You’ll have to do a taste test. Congratulations on the good news!

  72. Annie

    oh, I am so sad that you’re leaving, it’s the only insight I have into my favourite-city-that-ive-never-been-to… but I do love DC. I’ve actually been there and everything!

  73. Becki

    Good luck on your new adventure. You will love it. We lived in DC for 4 years and it was wonderful. We have been away for 2 and miss it dearly (although we love our new adventure, too!).