• sometimes i feel like i don’t have any friends. but then i think about all the wonderful people i’ve met through this blog and i feel better.
  • sometimes i wonder why it’s so wrong to eat brownies or ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. 
  • sometimes i forget to shave my legs for many many days. 
  • sometimes i am rightfully accused of never answering my phone.
  • sometimes it’s the thought of a cupcake that gets me out of bed in the morning.
  • sometimes i am really shy. sometimes i can’t shut up.
  • sometimes i have to stop myself from saying “i love you sooooooo much” for the 134th time in a day to husband. but sometimes i just can’t help it.
  1. Rachel

    Wait, it’s wrong to eat brownies for breakfast? I don’t believe that at all.

    And I also tend to avoid answering my phone for days on end.

  2. lauren

    i have to admit that i share a lot of those same traits. especially concerning “i love yous” to my husband.

    p.s. i love that top.

  3. Cheryl

    I also wonder what’s so bad about sweets and treats for breakfast! I think you are a doll. Say I love you as many times as you want to your cute hubby, you guys are so cute!

    And I love that you consider us (lurkers like me) friends! That made my day!

  4. Anonymous

    Your shirt is beautiful. You are very artistic and I think it OK to have cupcakes get you out of bed. Lemon bars get me out of bed every single morning!

  5. sheila

    sometimes I think its OK to do ALL of that.
    because really, I think all of us do it too- at least I do. I sometimes think my husband must get sick of me saying “I love you” all the time.

  6. A.

    Seems like we are alike.. I tell my husband I love him millions of times a day. I just don’t want him to forget. I also love cupcakes and eat sweets for breakfast… and I’m terrible at answering my phone.

    I like your blog! I think you’re great. Your photos are so cute, too.

  7. Tiffany

    You are adorable and I am a big fan. :)

  8. Sarah

    Haha I don’t shave my legs very often either. My boyfriend has become a good sport.
    And whats wrong with brownies for breakfast? Pretty sure I do that all the time!

  9. Micaela

    you’re the cutest girl! :) I’m glad I know you N!!! xo

  10. i never answer my phone. i think its mainly because my ringback tone is so awesome i want people to enjoy it.

    i love how cool you are.

    have a good day.

  11. KDUB

    I feel like I don’t have friend some times as well

    I love reading your blog… :)

  12. Rachel

    sometimes i feel all of these ways too, ok, well maybe not the i love yous to the husband as i don’t have one. but lots of i love yous all the time to all my loves.

  13. Amy

    What a great list. It is always good to make a list of the good things in life. Mine would consist of my husband and my baby a million times over.

  14. Zuzanna

    definitely guilty of no. 3 :)

  15. sometimes I wonder all of these things as well.

  16. Gabi

    cute list and I love your bangs!!

  17. Jenna

    Sometimes I get nervous that I have no “real-life” friends. It’s nice to know others feel the same way.

  18. Blog friends are the best and you have many. :)

  19. emily

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t have any friends either. I hate that feeling.

  20. I know what you mean on feeling like you have no friends at times…and I also know know that small things, like cupcakes, can work wonders on getting one out of bed!

  21. Sometimes I can’t fight the urge any longer to comment on your blog and tell you that the way you approach your life inspires me. You seem like such a hopeful, joyous, bright girl – shiny like a new penny. I know we only see a sliver of your reality, but the bits and pieces I see make me want to dress better, be sweeter to my husband, smile more and wear red lipstick.


  22. sometimes i wish i could give you the ‘massiest’ hug in the world (what my wee brother used to say instead of massive) x

  23. Bree

    Oh! Oh! I sometimes-ed Each of those things yesterday, too! adorable.

    “–Sometimes I wish you lived closer to Athens, GA!”

    Next time I come to NY, we should all go out for fill-in-the-blank Asian.
    Your blog is a constant source of inspiration for my aspiration. Have a lovely day–Bree, another far-away friendinspirit

  24. Carolyn

    you’re so sweet

  25. for the record, we’re all entitled to ‘those’ days. at least you’re honest…on saturday morning, i finished off a pint of ice cream. when my boyfriend asked where it was, i told him that i threw it out because we had finished it the night before. i have an addiction to anything sweet!

  26. sometimes it’s hard not to call you {LoVelY}!!!


  27. Ashley

    Oh Naomi, if only you knew my list of “sometimes…”! I think I have had every single one of yours on my list at some point too. Just wait till you can add the “sometimes I wish I wasn’t so big I waddled.” That one’s Grrrrreat!

  28. Happy to find your blog!!!it is so lovely!!! :)
    Be Happy

  29. Rock It

    brownies, ice cream sandwiches, and cupcakes are so great and definitely would make me want to wake up too. I “forget” to shave my legs to sometimes.I love you and your blog…they make me happy because your so happy and yet not perfect…although you and your husband look pretty close to it. I’ll be your blog or any kind of friend any day!

  30. Sometimes I don’t have anything but coffee until lunch time. :P

  31. Belle

    Ahh i love this.
    All 7 apply to me as well!
    Beautiful x

  32. I love list posts! And this is a very lovely one.

    And we should be allowed to eat ice cream for breakfast. Yes, please.

  33. Rebekah

    your so cute – sometimes the thought of a cupcake gets me out of bed too!

    ps.I worked my taza headband at my husbands rock show last night and I must say out here in Seattle it was quite a statement..lots of compliments! it made me feel like a rockstar!

  34. dele

    cupcakes should be reason enough! (;


  35. sometimes i think “stop commenting on this blog, you’re such a creep.”

    …but i do it anyways.
    you are lovely.

  36. You hair is amazing.

    I am guilty of many of the same things….

    So glad I found your blog…becoming a follower:)

  37. never stop saying your husband that you love him, even when it will be the 1000th time a day

  38. I love this picture. Your top is so cute!
    I think we need to go shopping together. Yes?
    Also 2-5….me too!

  39. Meghan

    1.) I would love to call you a friend.

    2.) Sometimes the thought of Starbucks gets me out of bed in the morning.

    3.) I tell my fiance I love him at least 100 times a day too. I don’t think you can ever say it too much:)

  40. Prianka

    two of my friends call me “the girl who walks too slow, talks too fast and … never picks up the phone”. haha.

    blogs are so lovely, especially yours.

  41. Prianka

    two of my friends call me “the girl who walks too slow, talks too fast and … never picks up the phone”. haha.

    blogs are so lovely, especially yours.

  42. answering the phone is overrated! ;)

  43. Jenna

    I feel like I don’t have friends every day :/ Mostly because it’s too cold to go out

    And I eat cake for breakfast when I can. It’s the best way to start the morning

    People always accuse me of not answering my phone, but it’s usually because I always leave my phone in a random place and forget about it

    Most of the time I am really shy. I need to work on my not shutting up skills.

    And, you are so lucky to have a great husband. Try telling him 135 times!

  44. Malinda

    right there with ya on the phone answering…or lack thereof..

  45. This is the reason your blog is so popular. You are so real. I love it. Thank you for it.

  46. Cheryl

    Hey! I know I already commented here and since I’m such a lurker you probably are annoyed but did you know your headband Olga is featured on the Etsy homepage today? It is! And I saw it and got so excited!! You are a rockstar Naomi!

  47. i feel all the same ways. except for having a lot of people look at my blog everyday. but besides that, its funny how many of those things i do :]

  48. becca

    I am really proud of you, Naomi. And I don’t even know you. You’re really brave and you make me happy every day.

  49. becca

    Oh P.S. I think answering the phone and having smooth legs 24/7 is overrated!

  50. you know what.. sometimes the thought of a cupcake gets me out of bed in the morning too ;)

    oh and we are your friends!!! .. lets please get together before… you know… ;(


  51. A cupcake cures all, that’s my mantra…and sometimes a good cry. But, always a cupcake.

  52. I love reading your blog. It is so creative and truthful.
    Im hoping you will post something on the Big Love controversy.

  53. Thao

    I haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks. But don’t tell. :)

  54. Um…I ate brownies for breakfast this morning. it was probably wrong. but i didn’t care.

    also, I basically never shave my legs in winter. I mean why? ok ok, sometimes I am bad at shaving in summer too. but what’s the big deal? hippie’s are cool right? or maybe it’s my european roots, wait, no, I shave my armpits regularly…

    also, you can never say i love you too much. never. at least husband won’t think so!


  55. Eat what you want ! You are a dancer ! Never feel alone because you are never alone ! ;) My daughter is 14 and very shy but so sweet and kind and she thinks like you do!! She will never know how much she is loved! Continue to celebrate life! You are doing a great job! Just be you!!!!!! Us southern gals love to live vicariously through you!!!!!

  56. Came across your blog only a few days ago – – now one of the highlights of my day! Seriously, sometimes I see your posts and feel like I’m reading my own mind! I tell my fiancee “I love you soooo much!!” ALL the time – it takes incredible feats of strength to tone it down!

    BTW: Your photos are lovely! I especially like the photoshoot you and your husband did with the animal hats and christmas tree!

  57. You say “I love you” to your husband?!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! you’ve lost my friendship…

    =) (mmm brownies)

  58. Hallie

    I’ll be your friend and gladly eat Big Macs with you!

  59. Amy Joy

    Glad it’s not just me that feels like this! Btw i was just about to eat cold pizza for breakfast – is that wrong?

  60. Erin

    Well, if that’s all it is, you don’t have anything to worry about! Especially the last one, always a good thing to do…

  61. lauren

    All the time, you are fiercely cute! :) I eat brownie for breakfast any chance I get!

  62. Annette

    I'm just glad I found someone stylish (&mormon;) besides myself that's a little too cute and stylish for her own good. oh, your hubby is as cute as a button as well.

  63. Annette

    I'm just glad I found someone stylish (&mormon;) besides myself that's a little too cute and stylish for her own good. oh, your hubby is as cute as a button as well.

  64. Eating brownies is not “wrong”!! under any ciscunstances!! otherwise my entire life would be full with “wrong” things… :P

  65. Naomi?! Are you ok girl? I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt something is wrong with you… :(
    {maybe it’s because of not hear much from you lately…}

    make me happy again girl!

  66. Helen

    it is so true about not answering the phone! i just hate being disturbed sometimes and half the time it;s just some telesales person.

    brownies and ice cream are for anytime of the day!

  67. stephy

    1. Me too!
    2. It’s NOT!
    3. Me TOO!
    4. Caller ID is the best invention
    5. Completely valid
    6. Me too!
    7. Me TOO!

  68. lauren

    WAIT! And there’s the lavender one! Now all I have left to see if the little red military dress, so fun!

  69. I also say “I love you” to my husband *a lot*

    And sometimes “You love me.”

  70. Oh naomi…. you are to die for! You are just the cutest thing ever! I can’t imagine you not having any friends!

  71. I often feel this way, too.

    PS: your post put a smile on my face [& made me crave an icecream sandwhich. Mmm].

  72. AMY

    Awesome. Well said.

  73. Nigel

    can i just say that i found a vanilla…caramel…brownie…hagen daaz icecream flaver in my supermarket in germs…. it has changed my life (and my waistline…) forever hahahahaha