she’s a birthday girl.

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{birthday festivities taken place at paladar restaurant.
…with a cake from magnolia of course.}
and this isn’t a good photo of husband’s tie, 
but do you see those little owls on it?
yeah… he did good. 
he scored that marc jacobs tie 60% off all by himself 
AND managed to make it my new favorite thing in this whole world 
because of the owls…
i love owls. and i love my husband.
and happy birthday again beautiful carolyn!
  1. Rebecca

    oomygosh that cake looks delectably exquisite!
    You girls look gorgeous too =)

  2. Cheryl

    He DID do good! 60% off Marc Jacobs? Bet my husband doesn’t even know who Marc Jacobs is! And can you please tell me how you always manage to look so good?

  3. wow your husband did good on the discount! And your dress is awesome!!!

  4. Your birthday girl has the most amazing smile.

  5. Erin

    Happy birthday to your friend! You all look so pretty! And I heart that photo of you and your husband!

  6. to many cakes today, I’m hungry =(

    I have a Lucky Brand owl charm necklace I scored for 10 bucks, it’s so cute! But being an FAU owl is not so cute…

  7. i’m taken by carolyn’s top, its sooo pretty

  8. Carolyn

    Cute photos and that cake looks delicioso!!

  9. Hi, Taza and husband! :)

    I’ve been a recent reader (fan!) of your blog and love reading your adventures with your friends and husband of course!

    You all look so pretty! And of course kudos to husband for that tie! And owls! Speaking of, I wanted to tell you to check out your nearest Anthropologie – I just recently got little owl teacups from there you would love. :)

  10. I’d be more than willing to check if they have any left and send them to you! (There may more of these lil guys hiding in Anthro!)

  11. I like the headband Nay! And I want some cake like that this morning.

  12. Megan

    I love it when boys find great deals on nice stuff by themselves.
    And your headband is so cute! Did you make it yourself or is it one of the ones?

  13. cras4

    i love birthdays, and that dress your wearing looks really pretty.

  14. becca

    LOVE your headband. And Your cute dress with the sweater combo.

    happy birthday Carolyn!

  15. MMM. CAKE.

    And now, my sweet tooth.

  16. MMM. CAKE.

    And now, my sweet tooth.

  17. MMM. CAKE.

    And now, my sweet tooth.

  18. MMM. CAKE.

    And now, my sweet tooth.

  19. you two are so lovely! hoooray for your hubby and his lovely find!

  20. Carolyn


    thank you soooo much for a lovely evening. haha and josh was totally the stud of the night!

    on a side note i read the entire book last night and fell in love. its the perfect gift! thanks girl.

    (i really love you a whole bunch)

  21. marvelous tie. and marvelous outfit of yours. so marvelous.

  22. Prianka

    you guys look like a super stylin’ couple in that last picture! well, of course, you are.

  23. Prianka

    you guys look like a super stylin’ couple in that last picture! well, of course, you are.

  24. Carey

    was your husband on ugly betty? I mean, I just noticed he looks soo much like the ex boyfriend of Betty!

  25. M.Ruby

    I read your blog all the time and I think you guys are the cutest couple, and you seem so nice and cool and ah! i Just love this blog.
    I love owls too I recently painted one on my wall, and props to to the tie.
    Good luck with your move to DC :)

  26. fhen

    all of you look gorgeous here! :D
    and a nice blog you have here

  27. Sum

    I love your blog! You are gorgeous! :)

  28. you guys are too adorable:)

  29. the lipstick and flower look so perfect! I love this