1. Yay! I’m the first! :D

  2. and… purple looks so good on you!

  3. One day I’m going to go there! It looks fantastic!

  4. Yuuuuuuuum :)


  5. Rock It

    aww those look good…i love tiny burgers…i like your skirt.

  6. Suzanne

    mmmmm…. mini burgers are the best! even better when washed down with a chocolate shake.

    love your headband(s)!

  7. You look lovely in both these! I love your shirt.

  8. becca

    Totally love the sliders!! And your headband. And your outfit!!

  9. how cute. im hungry.

  10. You guys look like you eat so much awesomely good/bad food! You look very pretty as always!

  11. Elle

    How did you create such a lovely header for your blog?

  12. Anonymous

    and your blog is the cutest thing ever. wow. i love every post!

  13. Anonymous

    and your blog is the cutest thing ever. wow. i love every post!

  14. K.

    Your hubby looks like Henry Grubstick-so adorable!!

  15. Belle

    You look stunning!!
    I have awarded you on my blog xx

  16. LOVE your headband :D
    I really want a mini burger now xD
    They look so cute.

  17. What a nice surprise to see a comment from you on my humble little blog. :) Your cute blog is one that I enjoy visiting! And by the way, I adore your headbands. I’ll spread the word!

  18. “warm buns” ha.

  19. Rachael

    You two are way cute! I love your blog. I found it in that article that Cjane was in. Anyway, I love to see your life in the city!

  20. Diana

    mmmm…warm buns. i am hungry…

    i don’t know anyone that can make a burger adorable like you. great post!

  21. so cute! i want a mini burger!

  22. Sarah

    I want to go to there.

  23. Sissi

    I love your fastfood-posts :) please celebrate your habits further, i like watching it. i love to have “cinema-fastfood-events” with my boyfriend :)

  24. Elise

    i adore this headband… do you happen to ever sell it in your etsy shop? a-ma-zing!

  25. noella

    yaay i accidentally stumbled on your blog and i looove it!! u look so cute with ur hubby – hearting the glasses retro look.. cool fashion sense.. im hoping to come to NY this summer (super-excited im a NY virgin) and i would really love some headsup on where i could get my greedy hands on all the delicious outfits that you have.. do you have any tips of cheap yet chic fashion shops :)