my dear mother.

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happy birthday to my beautiful mother.
i love you so very much mom! thank you for everything. 
i owe it all to you.
*wasn’t she the most adorable thing when she was a little girl?
can’t get over this photo.
  1. Nik

    Mommy dearest wasn’t nice. She was scary. I’m POSITIVE your mom wasn’t like mommy dearest…you have seen the movie, right?

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. i’m not referring to any movie, nik. i didn’t even know there was one called that! no no, my mother is wonderful.


  3. des

    that is a mighty sweet photo of your mom!i just received old photos of my father, aren’t photos like that just the best?

  4. beautiful photo! happy birthday!

  5. mother’s birthday – what a nice day.. :)

  6. Shin

    She looks adorable! xxoxoxo

  7. I’m of the same vintage and have wonderful pics (and a few select memories) of growing up in that era. I hope she has a great birthday.

  8. Happy birthday to your dear mother!
    Mothers are the most marvelous creatures on the earth! I can’t imagine where all this affection, sweetness, patience and grace came from?! I guess God gives the woman full package of altruism and love when she is becoming a mother!
    they are miracle!


  9. aww, too cute! happy birth anniversary to her :)

  10. Teresa

    Ohmygoodness! She was adorable. I want to pinch those cheeks!

  11. she looks adorable in this pic.

    i can see where you get your rockstar fashion style from…


    happy bday to your mom!

  12. birthday and mothering sunday! hope she had a lovely day xxx

  13. so adorable, Happy Birthday to your wonderful Mom!

  14. i want a hand warmer like that!

  15. Today is my mom’s birthday as well, weird. Maybe your mom is my mom and I was the kid who was sent away because she had no talent at blogging : )

  16. Aww, that picture is adorable!!

    ps. I just stumbled on your blog, and I’m loving what I’m seeing :)

  17. I always wanted one of those hand mufflers (is that what they are called?) when I was little.

  18. Carolyn

    Oh my goodness your little brother is the spitting image of her when she was younger!! I saw him in that photo immediately! Happy Birthday to her.

  19. Happy B-day Rockin’ Momma!


  20. Flora

    Ah! Happy birthday to your mom and over here in British-land, it’s mother’s day! So that’s most apt.
    (It’s also my daddy’s birthday today so I’ve had an odd father/mother’s day)

  21. Can you please make a post or sidenote whenever you update your store!! I look every now and then but most of em are always sold out! :( I can’t remember the name of the one I liked either! :((

  22. oh my goodness what a cute picture of your mom! love the outfit! i miss your mom, she is so great!

  23. that is the cutest picture ever

  24. Micaela

    ADORABLE!!!! look at that hand warmer!!! and furry hat :) and her expression. SO CUTE! hope she had a wonderful birthday xo