my beautiful little film.

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so i made this little film.

i wish the quality wasn’t so bad after i uploaded it to youtube.
i’m also not very good at this yet, but i just love creating little things like this.
so have a look.
isn’t carolyn beautiful? i can’t get over her dancing.


p.s. something else i will surely miss about nyc is the way it has opened my eyes to creativity.

(i mostly have my education from juilliard to thank for this, but i think nyc played a big role.) 
i know DC (and where ever else we go over the next few years) will present plenty of opportunities to create or meet exceptionally talented people, but there is something magical about the artistic presence in nyc. it challenged me beyond measure.
 i will miss it. 
  1. Rie

    Love it!


    Kudos to you both – just beautiful.

  3. I really enjoyed your little film!

    That song is beautiful.

  4. sheila

    that was fun.
    I like her dancing as well
    and the music.
    and that first guy who walked by and stared at her.

  5. Carrie

    I heart this. I just began following your blog and I am inspired by your pictures of Husband and you. I want to take more pictures and make a fort. And possibly dance in the street like your friend. Cheers!

  6. Cheryl

    Is there anything you CAN’T do???!!!! This gave me goosebumps. Your friend is beautiful. I hope you will continue to make things like this from DC. They are inspiring.

  7. Alisha

    I love it!

  8. Shelby

    Wonderful! So creative and I love her boots (so comfy)

  9. It’s beautiful, and I love the song choice! =]

  10. Amy Joy

    That was stunning! Looked like a lot of fun to make too.

  11. Tiffany


  12. laceyJ.

    BEAUTIFUL! Her dancing is so inspiring- I loved all the slow motion pans!

  13. Heather

    so wonderful.

    maybe use a tripod next time and enter some dance for camera film festivals?

  14. That’s beautiful, i love it! And the song!! Who’s singing?

  15. so beautiful…thank you for sharing with us!

  16. great film. so free…love it.

  17. this is lovely and it made me go straight to pandora and create a devotchka station. soak up every last bit of that city and then go to dc and know that there is an equally fabulous energy there…just different.

    ps: did you notice that 168 people care what color you paint your kitchen? that is nutty.

  18. Megan

    She is a beautiful dancer! And I loved your little film! Very cute.

  19. Naomi, This is Nikki (Huntsman) Whiteman. I don’t know if you remember me, I was in your home ward in Woodland Hills. Found your blog through Jenna’s, thought I’d take a look. You are amazing! It looks like you’re famous ;) Good luck in DC. Good to see you through pictures.

  20. Yazmena

    Love it! Even my little girl was dancing along eyes glued to the screen.

  21. That deserves a standing ovation!


  22. i love the song!! its amazing!!

    great film you are so creative it kills me.

  23. jessx

    long time reader…first time commenter..

    awesome video.

    i want her haircut.

  24. i absolutely adore this! i especially love how you started and ended it; with her laughing and then shaking her head like that. so fun and inspiring! and so full of personality! love love love this!

    how do you think rexburg would react to me dancing in the street like that?

  25. Martha

    So beautiful.

  26. What a nice accompaniment to our afternoon. My husband and I watched your video together, and we loved the fact that it took place in the middle of the street (not to mention that the man walking past at the beginning was priceless:). I hope you find wonderful opportunities like this in DC and share them too! If I were to attempt this in Montana I think the ranchers and cowboys might think I was out in the sun too long, but it was beautiful!

  27. Jasmine

    i love your “little” film! especially watching all the people’s reactions passing by. carolyn is very beautiful. her face is just so interesting to look at. she’s definitely not generic pretty. she’s uniquely pretty…the best kind. and so are you, for that matter! i’m sure you’ll be just as creative in DC as you are in NYC. i think creativity is something that grows with you as you mature and get more comfortable with who you are as a person. i really admire your creativity and your ability to put it out there and not be shy about it. it’s just soooo…..rockstar!!!

  28. oh my god. Carolyn and NYC. bothe were amazing. i enjoyed.. thanks :H

  29. I love that. Simple and happy. I would love to make at least one little film… it’s one of those things on my mental “do this before you die” list. :)

  30. Beau-tiful song.


    Is this the same dancer from the other video?

  31. Beau-tiful song.


    Is this the same dancer from the other video?

  32. Beau-tiful song.


    Is this the same dancer from the other video?

  33. Beau-tiful song.


    Is this the same dancer from the other video?

  34. I can’t watch your video (because I am in class) but usually if you upload to vimeo you don’t lose video quality!

  35. Rebecca

    wow this film is really cute. i love the man at the beginning, haha!

  36. katrina


  37. Mallory

    this was so lovely from beginning to end! and i’ve always loved the song “something stupid” but never knew devotchka did a cover of it – so thanks for introducing me to its wonderful-ness as well

  38. My husband was even wondering what I was watching and had to join me. Beautiful. :)

  39. Wonderful film indeed.. So random question, but how big is your apartment in NYC? My hubby and I are talking about a major DOWNSIZE and moving to Portland for school. We’re looking at a studio, and am just wondering on how much furniture I could squeeze into one.
    Your thoughts on this would be lovely! Thanks!

  40. Dri_Mar

    I really like this video and the version of the song. What did u use to edit it?

  41. hey hair is so flippy, I’m jealous. Mine would look like a birds nest flailing in the wind…

  42. Amy A.

    I love her hair. And her dancing.

    What did you use to shoot this?

    Very nice.

  43. r.grace

    What a beautiful film! I was very moved by the simplicity, the light, the movement. I’m new to your blog but I’ve really enjoyed following it recently. Can you tell me what kind of Holga camera you use? Thanks!

  44. Shawn

    Makes me want to dance on a street corner. Could she hear the music as she was dancing, or did you add that later?

    Very inspiring and fun!

  45. Encore! Encore!

  46. annie

    she is such a wonderful dancer! I love this. great setting. and a perfect little film!

  47. Your film was great and looked like a lot of fun to make! I’ve enjoyed reading you blog for a bit now and hope you’ll find a great life in D.C.

  48. So cute and full of personality…just like you!

  49. Kristie

    I’m obsessed with this. Keep the videos coming.

  50. taf

    Really, really beautiful.

    So when do we see a video of you dancing?

  51. Alexia

    Super cute. I really admire the way you actually DO stuff. Instead of just talking about it I mean. Your life seems so full.

  52. Deborah

    When I’m alone in my apartment I sometiimes dance..although not so beautifully as this ;-)

  53. i am so glad that you and your happiness are in the world and that you share it. thank you.

  54. So joyful. Your blog never fails to lift me. Thanks, Naomi!

  55. thank you everyone.

    music is “something stupid” by devotchka. carolyn was improving without any music (drawing lots and lots of crowds). we didn’t know what music we’d be using at that point.

    also, sorry if you get dizzy watching. i chose not to use my tripod because i was going for something very specific with the filming. it turned out exactly how i wanted but some people might not care for that.

    anyway, thanks again! happy weekend!!

  56. Jamie

    Awesome! You have such an artistic eye! I loved every minute of it.

  57. Tiff

    Wow! Beautiful!!!

  58. TEA

    very beautiful!

  59. Hi…just wanted to say that I love your blog. You are a creative inspiration. :) I wanted to suggest something…I ran across this video by president Uchdorf and was thinking that since the world seems to read your blog :) it would be awesome if everyone could see this. I find it so inspiring and it is something that women everywhere should see. Thanks!

  60. Naomi can I be you when I grow up? Please?
    Geez… girl this is awesome, especially from a dancer’s perspective. So inspiring and creative. I am just in awe of the beautiful person that you are. I hope you and Josh are well. Sending positivity your way as you leave NYC, it is a hard transition. Faith.

  61. I have watched this so many times today and I’m still not sick of it. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  62. Teri

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  63. ah, you caught my spelling mistake. thanks teri!

  64. Jessica

    Please tell me who devotchka is and how I can get my hot little hands on this song! Beautiful dancing.. sigh.. oh to be coordinated.

  65. jb

    Devotchka, stunning dance, beautiful Caroline..I was memesmerized,tantalized and amazed by this incredible little movie. Thank-you for making it and posting it for all of us to see.

    Your an absolutly brilliant artist…..the song you chose brilliant and the dance..all i can say is WOW….I’m so happy I found your blog.

    Please take good care and never stop doing what your doing. Your gift is inspiring.


  66. Nigel

    i miss carolyns danicng!!! (sad face!)