1. Rock It

    Honestly, one of the sweetest and cutest proposal stories I’ve ever heard.

  2. Rock It

    Oh and Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

  3. jen

    so romantic. congrats!

  4. You are cute! What lucky guy to have you! :)

  5. That is terribly sweet. Happy anniversary!!!

  6. Anonymous

    happy anniversary. you two are so cute.

  7. Tara

    So my friend just introduced me to your blog. Can I say I am in love? You guys are the cutest couple ever. Your blog is a must read!

  8. KSBL

    You guys are awesome and hope you two live to see many, many anniversaries in the future!

    I know I will keep coming back {as will many others} to check on your lovely life/blog again and again.

    Happy Anniversary you two!

  9. sheila

    I’m glad you found him- You guys are perfect for each other.

    i like forts too, but it’s been years since I’ve made one (with my brothers)

  10. Carin

    I love the creative proposal!!! happy celebration!!!

  11. happy belated anniversary naomi :)

  12. Meikel

    Your blog is absolutely delightful, and I LOVE checking it everyday!

  13. oh, man!! you guys are too too much! what a sweet memory! :) xo

  14. The Miz

    Happy Fortiversary!

  15. Happy sweet anniversary!

  16. Belle

    That is the sweetest proposal!!
    Happy anniversary! x

  17. Have just come across your blog – gorgeous and lovely to read : )

  18. Amy Joy

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  19. Amy Joy

    This is a really gorgeous way to propose! Hope you had a lovely 2nd anniversary. It is 3 years in may since my husband proposed! I love your blog by the way.

  20. I just love that story!

  21. Lidia

    Congratulations Naomi & Josh!! You're cute! =)

  22. I love keeping track of anniversaries like this :D

  23. Kaylen

    Um. AMAZING.

  24. So wonderful, romantic and heart expandiing. I say hurray! Happy anniversary!!!

  25. how cute.
    happy 2 year engagement anniversary!

  26. Carolyn

    Your wedding pictures and proposal stories make my hart melt. If I could have those freckles and that kind of love in my life….ahhh…. would be amazing.

  27. Cheryl

    Such a cute story. Your blog is by far my favorite. I love it.

  28. leni


  29. Anonymous

    this made me so happy!

  30. Yeah for love! Congratulations. you guys are so cute!

  31. Todd

    Happy Anniversary!
    Can I just say that I’ve seen the “fort” sign before on your blog and I ALWAYS ALWAYS read it as fart. I have a potty brain. ha ha ha.

  32. how do you make those lovely rounded corner photos? i love the way they look on your blog!

  33. Wow. He is good! So happy to have found your blog!

  34. Nigel

    incredible nae nae… im soo soo happy for you :)