1. on pie day me and my boyfriend went out to a nice restaurant and i wore red lipstick. my boy didn’t like it much but it reminded me of you. hehe

  2. you have nice pearly whites.

  3. yes yes rubi. you know it.

  4. Rebekah

    so cute – newly weds, I love it!

  5. new bangs? hmmm? oh you’re beautiful

  6. Nice!!

  7. Megan

    Very sweet.

  8. Meg Fee

    i thought your bangs looked different…can’t wait to see them in person girlie!! these pictures are amazing. i love you guys. i don’t want you to leave. really. i don’t.

  9. Sarah

    You are so in love it inspires me.

  10. Rock It

    cute…true love…nice bangs and lipstick

  11. so sweet. love the nice bright white smile. By the way what lipstick brand do you use? And what color?

    You and Husband and your blog is such a delight. I really look forward to your posts everyday. You make me happy. Love it, now I am officially a de-lurker

  12. Whitney

    So about your bangs. . . when you first cut them into the blunt bang, were you nervous how it would turn out? Or did you just take the plunge? I’ve been contemplating doing blunt bangs but I’m nervous about how they’d come out.

  13. Martha

    You two are so cute :) Can’t wait to hear all about your D.C. adventures to come!

  14. emotion looks like sunshline :)

  15. Helen

    so adorable! i love photos of loved up couples (especially me and my boyfriend heheh)

  16. Naomi, I don’t know what the bangs mean?! :(

  17. i think they also are called fringe?? haha.

  18. aDeLiNe

    Loving the new bangs. Loving the lipstick. You look beautiful and happy :)

  19. Carolyn

    Your teeth are perf! I love that second picture!

  20. ok! I got it! ;)

  21. this is so sweet

  22. yes! fringe is the brit/aussie/nz word for bangs.
    either way, this post is super cute and makes me miss my sig other!

  23. Jamie

    I love you guys and I feel like such a creep. Look how fun a monday evening is at your home! Your kids are going to be so happy!

  24. Jamie

    OK, and to keep being a creep, I tried to enlarge this first photo to see your wedding ring Naomi. It’s so pretty. What kind of cut is it?

  25. brooke w:
    the lipstick is from Mac the color is Ruby Foo.

    i think it’s called a cushion cut but i’m not really sure. i should probably ask my husband. i love it though!

    just do it! bangs are so fun and they are more fun when they are blunt!!!! you will look lovely with them.

  26. Shelby

    cutest pics ever! Love the red lipstick

  27. what AMAZING PHOTOS! you guys are adorable!

  28. Randi

    How gorgeous are you?
    I think I hate you!