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a lot of people often email or comment me about lipstick. 
i am no pro on this stuff but i do believe bright lipstick colors
are so fun to wear and i think anyone can pull them off.
{you just have to be willing to go for it!}
my favorite shades are from Mac Cosmetics
if you’re feeling really bold, go get their Ruby Woo.
i also adore their Brick from their viva glam line.
have fun!
do you have any favorite lipstick brands or colors?
  1. Ruby Woo is one of my favorites as well! Russian Red is another to die for. I also love Make Up For Ever and NARS lipticks. Great pigment and long wearing!


  2. I HAVE noticed your lipstick is very professionally done. do u use lip liner, etc? how do u get it so perfect?do u ever use red gloss?

  3. Lauren

    Red lipstick is hot. You pull it off so well! I need to be bold and just do it.

  4. i am a HUGE fan of a great red with undertones of purple. and gloss is the boss.

  5. blair

    I always love your lipstick but my biggest concern is not smudging it all over my face! Does it stay on perfectly, even when you eat? Do you have to reapply all the time?

    You are absolutely amazing, by the way! Your blog makes me so happy. You and your husband remind me of me and my boyfriend. So wonderful!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. You always look so cute in your red shades! I’m going to try on the Mac shades.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I’m a huge fan of NARS lipstick color Cruella. It’s a liner/lipstick. LOVE it! ;0

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  9. Ever since I saw you rocking the red lipstick, I decided to start wearing brighter, red lipstick more often. It is such a mood lifter! How do you prevent the lipstick from bleeding – lip liner?

    And I’m so sorry, but I went to an Anthropologie over the weekend, and they had sold out of the owl teacups. :( I’m going to check at another one nearby and cross my fingers they have some there. :)

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  11. Meg Fee

    ummm…i loved for the winter, but now in spring i’m feeling BRIGHT pink and smashbox has a great one called “stunning”; also loving a good peachy color from Nars called “niagra”–this is all after many hours of exploration at sephora

  12. Kimbo

    I’ve always wanted to ask how you make it stay through all of the fun you have! I’ve been wearing red lipstick since I was 15 and haven’t been able to find something just right.

  13. Whoa…lipstick is something I’ve feared ever since I could start wearing makeup, I’ve never found a happy medium. You pull it off so bold and so nicely, reminds me of the old Hollywood look.

    Did you begin with the neutrals and then work your way up? I’m also interested in the above comment, does it smear, and you’re left constantly reapplying? Please help those of us who are chained to the monotony of chapstick and lipgloss.

  14. Diane

    Hi, i love your blog!!!!!
    I like Cosmopolitan Red from NuColor (by NuSkin)
    I have a quick question, where do you get the trimmings for all your headbands (especially the “caroline”)?? hobby lobby, walmart, joanne’s, special order,…. where??
    Also, where do get all your cute dresses???

    Thanks so much!!

  15. I’d love to wear bright red lipstick, but I have Angelina Jolie-esque lips. Can you imagine her with ruby red lips? She’d look like a clown. I get enough attention for them as it is! So I usually stick with tinted lip balm… boring, I know.

    I do love my lips. Any suggestions for us plump-puckered girls?

  16. Jasmine

    i’ve tried one Mac red lipstick….viva glam perhaps. ?? but it looked awful on me. i’m too pale for it. i’m not quite sure what red to go for with my light skin. it’s a quest i need to put more effort into.

    since i haven’t found any of the right shades, lipstick always makes me feel like my lips are too big and are taking over my face. so i wear lots and lots of lipgloss. stila and lancome are my favorite brands. they are nice and shiny!

  17. jamie

    i couldn’t recomment stolkholm face more!

  18. Maddie

    lipstick looks great on you! i have really thin lips, so i can’t pull it off :(

  19. Reb

    Thank you for revelaing your red lip secrets. MAC is the best. I think I shall go tomorrow. You should receive royalties for your shout-out.

  20. I love how you pull off bright red shades! You do it so well- especially with those pearly whites!
    What is you routine for keeping your teeth so white?!

  21. I love how you pull off bright red shades! You do it so well- especially with those pearly whites!
    What is you routine for keeping your teeth so white?!

  22. I don’t really wear lipsticks but I do religiously wear my aveda lip moisturizer everyday!!!

  23. sheila

    yeah, you DO wear it well. My complexion doesn’t look good with red lipstick like yours does. Or maybe I’m not used to it and just need to take a challenge in that part of the beauty department.
    ok, changed my mind. thanks for the inspiration. I’ll find some tomorrow. My husband is in for a shock.

  24. Martha

    Oh man I think I’m going to try it!

  25. Helen

    I love Chanel, but I’ve never tried Mac and I don’t have much to compare it to except rubbish cheapo stuff! Maybe I should try some Mac…

  26. I love the third color down – deep, deep red — I’d wear that in a heartbeat. I agree with Blair — your blog is fun and upbeat and a feel-good visit everytime. My husband, whom I call Hunks on my blog, and I have a great time together and your blog reminds me of us. :)

  27. I do always notice your fabulous lipstick! I don’t wear lipstick anymore (I always used to forget it was on and ruin it), but as a teen I’d wear a horrid green colour. *shudder* Halloween makeup should stay Halloween.

  28. Kelley

    I really like Viva Glam IV. Its a more pinkish red, but very flattering!

  29. kat von d came out with an awesome make up line, the packaging is so neat and i love love love the lipstick. my favorites are backstage bambi and underage red..try them you might like it!

  30. Great post Naomi! Adding a few of my tips and tricks on red lips:

    1. For daily wear – Keep the rest of your face really clean and fresh – no heavy eye makeup or blush. Red lipstick can stand on it’s own and too much other makeup takes it from classy to trashy. (although I love a thick swipe of black liner with red lips for a night out)

    2. It does sometimes take some getting use to seeing yourself with bright red lips. The first time you wear it, put it on when you plan to wear a dress or a trim, well-tailored, long coat. It’ll put you in the right frame of mind for red lips.

    3. Kiss your husband (dogs and babies too) BEFORE you put it on. Otherwise, they’ll all end up with big red smooch prints all over them… and it’s not always the easiest to get off.

    4. Enjoy it! Red lips are instant sass! You’ll find that your hips have an extra swagger and your lashes flutter a little more!

    And my favorite shade:

  31. Sum

    I agree with you! Bright colored lipsticks are so much fun! I just wish I could get them so they don’t smear all over.

  32. you are brave! I was talking to the Mr. about this the other day, and how do you kiss your husband with those brave lips? he must get messy!

  33. A.

    Where’s your favorite place to shop for clothing?

  34. Hi little lady…love your blog ! My favorite lipstick is the Bare Escentuals brand from Sephora…its called Red Zin. Its perfect for almost anyone. Whenever I wear it I feel so incognito because no one seems to recognize me…

    Have a lovely evening !

  35. I’ve always loved the reds too – a personal and longtime favourite is Viva Glam #3 – I don’t think it has a name other than that (although you make me want to go check out Brick). I’ve been wearing dark lipstick since junior high which makes that about 20 years ago (oh my!) but now that I have a little one I hardly wear it anymore because I’m always kissing her – it’s a fair trade off. :)

  36. i love red especially in the summer when i don’t need anything else! my current staple is the Pro LongWear lipcolor from MAC.

    Application is everything with this line. With buffed lips, apply the color and let it set. Don’t rub or press lips together. Once its dry you can wear it matte or put the gloss on for some shine!

    It lasts about 7 hours. It doesn’t budge. My nieces love that i can smooch them and not get them messy. My husband also enjoys this.

    thanks for sharing! You’re adorable!

  37. Melanie

    ruby woo is my most favourite. i wear it everyday and feel naked without it. i heart lipstick. i’m looking for an orangy/peachy colour for summer

  38. I love Nars for lipstick. I wear the color Manhunt which is this bright, sheer poppy red color.

  39. I love Nars lipsticks because they’re so long lasting. Currently my favorite color is Manhunt, this sheer bright poppy red. But I love love love Ruby Woo!

  40. I’ve been wearing bright lipstick for 6 years now (everysince i bought MACs girl-about-town shade in grade 11) and I still haven’t found a way to make it smooching compatible. Is there a way?

  41. Anne

    I wear MAC’s Dubonnet when I’m feeling particularly sassy. Sadly, by the end of the day it look less sassafras and more like a clown. Oh the joys of turning a wrinkly 30! :)

  42. You have great lips and red looks divine on you.

    I love MAC, truly I do. But, Lipstick Queen is very good, too, particularly Berry Sinner.