it’s the boo boo’s birthday!

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i can’t believe those cute little blonde twiners in this photo 
turn 18 years old today!
i can’t believe they are leaving for college this fall!
i can’t believe they are so grown up and mature and beautiful! 
um. i feel old. 
happy birthday rachel and rebekah!
i love you sisters.
  1. erin

    this photo is adorable! four girls in my family too, and the youngest two are twins! happy friday!

  2. Oh! look at this picture! look at you!!! it’s so sweet! :)
    I have an adorable sister as well, and I thinks sisters are the best! :)
    Happy birthday to Rach and bekah!
    (their birthday is 2days before mine! :p )

  3. Aww…they look so adorable here! … happy birthday to them :D


  4. ellen

    Great photo!!

  5. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday Twinners! Such a cute photos…and yes, they are gorgeous young women. Runs in the family!!

  6. i love when you post pictures from when you were kids! happy birthday to those gorgeous sisters of yours!

  7. that’s a wonderful picture!

  8. Micaela

    awwww cute! such a sweet birthday message. Happy Birthday to your twiners!!! xo

  9. Rock It

    sisters are great! happy birthday to your lovely twin sisters!

  10. Liv

    Oh the bowl cut! Why must the 90s haunt us so much?

    Happy birthday to your sisters! It’s strange when they get older, isn’t it? My baby sister turns 19 this summer and I don’t like it one bit.

  11. Jenn

    so cute.

  12. Martha

    Cute picture! My little sister is graduating this year and is all grown up and leaving to college and I just can’t believe it!

    P.S. I went to 25 Main and had a cupcake!

  13. kari

    You have the cutest family!

  14. Julia

    aw cute! what a sweet pic, happy birthday to your sisters!

  15. birthdays are good. gifts also ;) and picture is marvelous.

  16. P.S. I think that this blog is the best gift for your sisters..