1. Alexia


  2. I don’t even live in NYC, but it still makes me a little sad and bittersweet to know that you’re leaving the city! I have loved following your big apple adventures, and I can’t wait to follow your journey to DC…. best of luck with your move!

  3. good luck! If you’re feeling sad or blue you should meander down by the basin to see the cherry blossoms. When it gets windy you should dance in the windstorm of pink petals. :)

  4. Emma

    How exciting! Good Luck, lovely lady and Husband!

  5. Looking forward to your takes on DC.

  6. mic

    travel safe! new york will miss you guys too.

  7. Rebecca

    Good luck!
    Remember to buy a new broom for your new place in DC as it’ll bring good luck, bringing your old broom into your new place apparently causes bad luck.
    I’m being silly with my superstitions, aren’t I? =p

  8. Have a safe journey, Rockstars.

  9. CAPow

    good luck with your move! When I moved out of Brooklyn, it was hard. I still miss it, even though I’m very happy where I am now.

  10. jen

    best of luck to you both! can’t wait to see the new adventure unfold!

  11. i am so so proud of you two. it’s a huge move and you are in my thoughts. be safe petal

    big love xxxxxx

  12. Katers

    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in DC!

  13. jenna

    Good luck Naomi & Josh! When God interrupts, our lives as He has yours, you can expect exciting and challenging things that will require faith and faithfulness. And when you follow His lead, you can count on an adventure! May God bless you in this adventure!

  14. you will do great!!! good luck!

  15. Oh how I hate packing and moving! It is dreadful and I have had to do it many times so I feel your 4:17 in the morning pain!
    Good luck in DC! I’m sure you guys will love it.
    I was just there last weekend and I think you will fit right in! and besides you are only a road trip away from NYC! : )

  16. Nicole

    found your blog several days ago- its so happy, very enjoyable :)
    good luck on your move!!

  17. Yay!
    happy new city!
    happy new home!
    happy new life!

    Be Happy! Naomi & Josh!
    wish you luck and happiness in all new ways!!!


  18. aDeLiNe

    good luck!
    looking forward to your new adventures!

  19. Good luck ! New house, new town, new life but steel together you and your husband so que la vie continue !!!

  20. Good luck :)

  21. goodluck! do not forgot smth ;] maybe everything ;p

  22. laura

    Good luck with your move!

  23. hope everything goes swimmingly with the move. DC is fantastic.

    by the way, just wanted to let you know that you are simply lovely, and i appreciate all the happy things you share in your blog (not to mention the fact that you make members of our little church look completely awesome… i REALLY appreciate that!) so thank you for that.

    i know i don’t know you, and there is a distinct possibility that we will never meet (at least in this life) but you have brought me and so many others a small dose of sunshiny happiness. So thank you for that as well.

  24. i have to say ditto to everything that 'brooke @ claremont' said. she took the words right out of my mouth. good luck with the move & keep making those rockin headbands!

  25. Emily

    Good luck on your move. I hope everything goes smoothly.

  26. Oh, you are going to LOVE DC! It has a very different feel than NYC but it's an amazing place with amazing people. I miss it desperately!

    Once you're settled, might I recommend a trip to Ben's Chilli bowl- It's at 1213 U St NW. It's become more tourist-y in the last few years but go late at night (like 1 am – 4 am) & you'll miss all the tourists. Instead you'll catch a glimpse at the counter of a cop sitting next to a drag queen, sitting next to a business executive all eating halfsmokes with chilli. It's FABULOUS!

    And I also recommend the Eastern Markert (easy to find because it's just off the Eastern Market Station- on the blue or orange lines). It's an arts and farmers market & famous for their cheap & yummy breakfast & is more local lest tourist.

    Sorry this is SO LONG- just reminiscing about those good ol' days.

  27. jlc

    Lots of luck!!

  28. Awe! I already miss the city for you!
    But, I’m sure D.C. will treat you two just as well:)

  29. Awe! I already miss the city for you!
    But, I’m sure D.C. will treat you two just as well:)

  30. Awe! I already miss the city for you!
    But, I’m sure D.C. will treat you two just as well:)

  31. Jasmine

    oh my goodness!! good luck, you two!

  32. You almost need a painkiller to move, it is one of the worst chores. I feel for you, my husband and I moved on Monday to a new place, and it was an adventure (especially with an 18-month old). I agree in the comment above that you should go see the cherry blossoms and perhaps take a picture for those of us who are still waiting for spring:)(I am feeling so jealous).

    I’ve seen NYC, but I’ve never been to DC, so I’m feeling some excitement to see an insider’s view!

  33. P.S. If you’re feeling like you want a little lift, this blog is so wonderful: http://merisi.blogspot.com/

    Merisi does such beautiful photography and I love all the pictures from Vienna, Rome and wherever else she goes.

  34. SG

    So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see pictures from all the new adventures. You’re gonna love it!

  35. Tara B

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Good luck with your move – it was hard for me to leave my NYC. So many exciting things lay ahead for you!

  36. good luck!

  37. Erin

    good luck to you! moving, no matter how near or far is always exciting and such a wonderful adventure…i know, we moved from CA to Alaska last spring-yeah!

  38. dubya

    GOOD LUCK! I know today is a rainy day for moving, but I know you’ll LOVE it here! :) I’ve loved growing up here and now returning after school. It’s da bomb!

  39. no, this is wrong, I alway envied you because my dream is to live in NY and you were supposed to be the girl who was living my dream and I was th eone who sat here and hated you. Now your going to DC, that was never part of my plans…

    I don’t like this one bit.

    Naw I’m just playing, good luck with everything!

  40. good luck with your move!
    show pictures of your new house later~

  41. emurlee

    I’m sad that y’all are leaving NYC, but D.C. is my second favorite city (after NYC, of course!) in the States that I’ve been to. I know you’ll have a wonderful time there and find so many amazing discoveries. The food is incredible there! :)

    Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

  42. wishing you luck & a good night's sleep tonight! eek! :) i can't handle all this excitement!

  43. Good luck!!! I am sure you will have a wonderful adventure!
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  44. jenn

    good luck! i love d.c. it is a great city.