happy st. patricks day!

we got lucky and caught a minute of nyc’s st. patricks day parade over on 5th avenue this afternoon on the way out of a doctors appointment. it was so sunny and crowded and greeeeeeen.  
we liked it.
  1. Alisha

    I sometimes think that if we went to high school together, that we could be good friends (in real life). Kindred spirits, if you will… You could give be fashion tips, I could make you cupcakes.

    If you are ever in Phoenix, we should hang out.

  2. jealous! that is on my bucket list. i would like to attend the st. patrick’s day parades in boston, nyc and chicago. i hear kansas city has a great one too. i know what you are thinking: “kansas city?” right, but word has it that it rocks. congratulations on your move to d.c. i lived there and LOVED it. great blog. happy st. patty’s day.

  3. hi darling, i am so glad you saw the parade. i am sooo homesick right now. this is my first saint patrick’s day away from ireland. i am in a green and white polkadot dress right now x

  4. how fun!!!

  5. Jamie

    I love parades! And you guys look so cute! Hope the doctors appointment was “good”!

  6. Jamie

    Hey, and how did you make that green boarder around your photo? It’s cool.

  7. jaime, i made the boarder with the application called Paint.

  8. D

    I love your blog. I look at it every day! I had a terrible day today (you know, when one thing after another goes wrong!) and I knew that when I came home and looked at your blog, it would send a smile to my face… it did! Thank you so much for being so fun!

  9. Oh Naomi I love you so much. You know I’m praying for you every day girl. Sending you both positive energy from Coloradooooo!

  10. happy st. patricks day to you too. adorable photo, as always.

  11. cras4

    i am very jealous of your hair. happy st. paddy’s day. mine has yet to start…but i’m excited!

  12. sheila

    happy green day to you too!

  13. Martha

    How fun!

  14. that photo is great, it actually looks vintage in so many ways.

  15. Carly

    Darling blog, I check it often. I hope your not getting sick of people asking but what lipstick do you wear? I know you said one of them was Ruby Woo but what are the other red shades from MAC that you like? You’re so darling and I love checking your blog.