so… taza & the prince had its 150th sale today!
to celebrate, let’s do a giveaway!
the winner will receive a taza headband of their choosing!
{click here to see all the creations}.
comment below and husband will select the winner at random tomorrow night!
good luck!!!
and thank you everyone!
  1. Kate

    I love your affectionate blog. You both are so very lucky to have each other’s love. I hope I win one of your adorning headbands. I will gift it to my 14 year old daughter who is trying to find her own style–and loves yours Naomi!
    Thank you pleasant girl for sharing part of your life with us.

  2. Those headbands ARE lovely! I think I have been looking at them daily since I first saw them on A Cup of Jo. Of course, I think what I really love is the discovery of this blog.

  3. Congrats on all the success! I would love, love, love to win!!!

  4. Only 150? Dang! We’re off our game! Still, can’t hurt to try and get one of those gorgeous creations for free, first, can it? ;o)

  5. Krysta

    I would love a headband. And if I am not randomly selected I will get one from your lovely shop as soon as I decide which one I like best! Congrats on the success!

  6. Kelley

    Your blog and headbands are the best. I enjoy reading each and every post.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Lori

    Congrats on all of the comments. It is quite amazing.

  8. I recently found your blog randomly and I think it is adorable. I think your headbands are adorable too. Please let me have one!

  9. Carly

    pleassse pick me!

  10. A & C

    love your blog and headbands!

  11. Anonymous

    Naomi’s headbands are without a doubt the most beautiful thing I came across on the Internet.

    Wow, so many comments. Happy picking, husband! :) But I guess it doesn’t matter who you pick, every girl will be so happy.

    If I’d win, I’d send Naomi a lipstick in her favorite red shade! Yes, yes, I would. And that’s not an emotional blackmail, no, no.

    All the best to you guys. And keep it up, it’s just the way a blog should be: it makes happy, day after day, it is just that easy. Thank you.


  12. Yes please! You’d have to ping it all the way over to the South Coast of England and i’ll try and catch it.

    Aim well.


  13. Anonymous

    when i was 5 a little boy told me that i had a big head and i never wore another headband. let’s prove him wrong… :)

    -alice in her chair

  14. Anonymous

    my oh my there sure are a lot of people coming out of the wood work who adore your work and your blog.

    i’d love a taza headband! but so would everyone else!!!

    oh well!

  15. If I had that headband I would grow my hair out like yours and wear it everyday. I AM a rockstar!

  16. Amanda

    Ok, I just started reading your blog and love it! I love that you have all sisters and only one bro (me too, me too!) and in keeping with tradition i have three sweet girls of my own, we also live away from our families & are having our own adventures (although NY I suspect is much more exciting than MI, but still). Anyway I digress… Love your headbands….. do you think a mom can pull it off? Never mind, I say yes!

    p.s. I love my husband too.

  17. kylie

    hello! how are you? your headbands are beautiful and i LOVE reading your blog! it’s just makes me glad.

  18. Kristin

    I love your headbands! They are absolutely adorable. Congrats on the sucess of your etsy shop.

  19. I think some of your headbands are very pretty and would love to win one! I’m interested in finding out where your insperation for the designs of the headbands comes from as well?


  20. Your headbands are very fun and I would love to win one! I was also wondering where your insperation comes for the designs of each headband?

    Sarah P.

  21. Claudia

    Congrats on your 150th sale! That’s awesome :) Your headbands are lovely and I would LOVE one!!

  22. jen

    wow that’s a lot of people! i heart hair icing :)

  23. leni

    I’d love to show it off to the world!

  24. le nez

    Holy poo. There are so many comments. I’m surprised you only have 150 sales with all these comments! Glad my sister helped me stumble on your blog! I’m digging these creations!

  25. Wow! You are a popular blog….I’m the 531 person to comment. But, anyway, you and your husband are such inspirations!!! Awesome-ness, and rockstar status DEFINITELY. you guys amaze me with all your creativity and love for each other!!


  26. Micaela

    CHEERS on your wonderful shop doing fabulous! But of course ;)

    I think ANY headband of yours would make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my cloudy-days-mood lately. :(

    but even still, your blog always makes me smile that a magical love as yours DOES exist!!!

  27. mk

    i need a good headband, choose me!

  28. Holley

    i really love your blog and enjoy hearing about your latest adventures! i think your headbands are adorable and would love to rock one!

  29. Jill

    I like to pretend we are already friends…someday. Tony loves Josh, too.

  30. Lucy

    I would love a headband please. I am from New Zealand. You would be diverse if you picked me ( I live in hawaii so you wouldn’t have to send it to NZ).

  31. jesska

    One hundred and fifty posts?! Amazing, well done! Would love one of those super-gorgeous handbands. Fingers & toes are crossed :)

  32. Pick me!!! I would love to take the band on tour around Mexico City!! I bet she will be very happy to take a long vacations down here! Love your blog

  33. love your blog and would love a headband! :)

  34. Anonymous

    I totally adore your blog!! You have such a unique fashion sense and your headbands are super cute.

  35. this may sound silly…but..your blog is kidna why i got one.
    my friend showed me your blog because she thinks i look just like you…and i thought it was the coolest thing.
    so i got one.
    you guysare really awesome!

  36. Love them! I have been wanting to get one ever since I saw them featured on Cup of Jo!

  37. Misty

    I just recently discovered your blog, and I love your love of life and your husband, you are darling! I would love a headband! Being a mom of 4, the lovely things go to my sweet kiddos….. I would love one for myself :)!

  38. big macs.

  39. Prianka

    holy moly,


    well, its 546 now!


  40. I love Meg and Ann! So cute.

  41. oh my goodness – so excited! thanks taza xo

  42. Wow!! I am so excited that you are doing giveaways:) Congrats on all of your business endeavors – it’s inspiring.

  43. janeen

    me too…

  44. oh i hope i am not too late! i love your headbands!

  45. DaNeil

    Wow, this fun game has really made my day! I hope that I am feeling lucky enough. I absolutely love your style and especially head bands and have fallen in love with the FUN and VIBRANT colors. It reminds me of lovely spring and would BRIGHTEN any day. What a beautiful and simple joy.

  46. Lisa

    FIVE HUNDERED AND FIFTY FOUR REVIEWS??? Holy Moses!! You guys are more popular than I ever thought!!!! I have been dying to get my hands on one of these beauties! And should you pick me, I will cherish it til’ the day I die. But even if you don’t, I will be buying one shortly. Plus there is the fact that we have some things in common. :) And I always keep you two in my heart.

  47. Heather

    Wow. I’ve stalked you on Esty for forever and I never thought to check out your blog! You are an extremely talented bunch. ;D

  48. Am I too late???? I LOVE your headbands=)

  49. kenneth: i know how much you like this cornbread Mr. Jordan.

    tracy j: LIKE it? i love this cornbread so much i wanna take it back behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

    (that’s kind of how i feel about your headbands. just sayin’)

  50. those headbands are so pretty! they are the reason i started reading your blog- 2 cute! headband-istic! xx sam

  51. Bonnie

    This is me entering the giveaway!

  52. Kendyl

    uh-oh it’s already tomorrow night! LOVE your headbands. woot!

  53. oh i hope its me

  54. krysti

    I would love to rock one of your headbands! the only problem would be which one?! they are all sooo BEAUTIFUL!

    My bestie and i have been drooling over your headbands for weeks and being poor college students at a very expensive ART school we were going to take it upon ourselves to make one, but whatever came out of it would never compare to your creations!!!


    Crimson & Clover (a.k.a Krysti)

  55. Anonymous

    Ah! I love love love you beautiful creations! I check your blog like every day to see the fun things two do in the city! IT WOULD BE AMAZING TO WIN ONE OF YOUR HEADBANDS! So Husband…PLEAS choose me! I think your wife is so cute! PLEAS! :)
    – Lola

  56. Wow, so many comments, so little chance of being the really lucky one :(
    But I can dream! :)

  57. Charlotte A.

    As it’s getting closer to tonight, I am getting sooo excited!! I read your blog everyday and always look at your pictures for fashion ideas :)

  58. Your headbands are amazing!! Congrats on the awesomeness that is your Etsy shop!!! One day, I promise, when I am not broke broke broke, I will buy one. And I will LOVE it.

  59. I don’t know if I’ve posted this twice already but whatever. I think thats awesome that you guys are so much love and your very lucky and special. Oh yeah I love your headbands. I have been with my husband for 12 years now and I love him more everyday. It was fate how we met I was stranded by my sister at a concert and he saved me. I was just an innocent farm girl and he didn’t want anything to happen to me being stuck and stranded. He was my knight and I was his princess. We now are expecting our 2nd child a girl and I love him just as much as when we met. If you love someone so much that you can’t breathe you’ll love them forever. Keep on truckin’ and luvin’

  60. These are so beautiful! Also, I love your life

  61. I’d love to have one of your lovely headbands!

  62. me please! congrats on your sales!

  63. Becky

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Becky

    If I could have some taza style I am there in a second! I need some help over here… please, HUSBAND, pick me!

  65. vanessa s.

    aahh!i was just thinking of purchasing a headband from you for my (not-so)secret beach wedding!

    congratulations on your 150th sale, all the best in life!

    ps. i’d still totally purchase a headband in a short while!:)

  66. Jazz

    I have been keeping up on your guys blog for some time now! You guys are so sweet and one of the cutest couples! Congrats on your success!! Love the headbands! (PS Pick me!! : ) )

  67. Is it too late to enter?

    From your new friend in DC :)

  68. Carolyn

    I hope I put my comment in on time! Love your headbands, it would be hard to choose one!!

  69. Anonymous

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Raquel :)

  70. To Taza and the Prince: I really think you’re great.

    I’m sort of addicted to all of your loveliness.

    Thanks for the note on my blog that one time, you made me feel like a rock star.

    Next time you are in Vegas, I really do want to meet you for all you can eat seafood at MGM. I still haven’t tried it.


    p.s. Congratulations on being so fab that you have sold 150 items in like a week.

    pps. In case you don’t read this (because the number of reviews is likely to exceed any number of emails I’ve ever received in a day) I might pop in again and say hi, because you’re just that great.

  71. Pick ME! I have been a lurker for quite some time and now a devoted fan!

  72. #579!? There’s no way I’m going to win but I’m sure as heck going to try.

  73. Kelly

    love the headbands!
    love your fun pictures … makes me miss the city!

  74. haylie

    This being Mormonland, I am the friend of a friend of a friend (Nicole to my cousins Ariel and Katie Higbee to me ;-) and I absolutely love your blog. I’m hoping to move to the east coast for grad school soon and I’ve been very inspired by you and your husband and your evidently delightful apartment/life.

    P.S. Pick me ;0)

  75. leah

    dallas, texas would LOVE a headband!
    boo yaaa!

  76. i would love a headband for a gift for the fiancee

  77. Cindy

    I have been thinking about getting one, it would be fun to show off one I got for free. Congrads on your sucess.

  78. Anonymous

    i would love to enter if it’s not too late!
    i was sick yesterday and i didn’t check your blog!

  79. Tiffany

    oh please I want one! I have to have one before ACL this year in Austin Tx! Love them and yall!

  80. Sarah

    All the 30 Rock quotes and references to the Big Mac in this comment section made me laugh. Your fans are BIG fans!

  81. Carrie

    i wish i had commented earlier because husband probably won’t pick the very last one, but i hope i win!!

    pick me, husband. pick me!!

  82. sam


  83. Congrats on your 150th sale! How exciting!

    Your headbands are absolutely beautiful. I would love to own one someday. So very pretty. :)

  84. m.a.

    I love the sumaya one — so pretty!

  85. Libby

    I hope I win!

  86. I love the headbands! I would love to wear one and show it off to everyone! :)

  87. B

    If I win, I hope to look as pretty as you do with the headband!