georgetown cupcake.

husband and i took a little adventure to DC over the weekend.
and while we were there, we finally tried georgetown cupcake.
i’d been dying to go since it’s opening {even though we live in nyc}…
being the cupcake lover that i am.
can i just say, best.cupcakes.ever.
or even my beloved billy’s.
if you’re ever in DC, go there.
all photos by my rockstar husband.
  1. oh boy, Just another reason for me to go spend some money on cupcakes. this is too tempting!!!

  2. CC

    You are ridiculously beautiful Your husband is one lucky man! I would like a cupcake right now too!

  3. erin

    oh yum! these look so good. although i have to say, i may still be partial to the coconut cupcakes i made last night. just maybe.

  4. i’m obviously obsessed with cupcakes as well (hence my blog’s name) and i’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this place. your pictures only cement this yearning.

  5. Sarah

    Ok. Stop being so freaking adorable all the time. I think I could fall in love with you from these cute photos!

    Oh and I heard about the millions of people wanting to sponsor you! How ever are you going to accommodate them all? Haha!

  6. emily

    Oh MAN, my brother just moved away from DC so now I don’t have a convenient excuse. Bummer.

    That picture of you on the bottom right is the cutest picture EVER.

  7. Sarah

    Oh and I make lemon sprinkles cupcakes this weekend. I wonder if this place you speak of could be better then my lemon cupcakes?

  8. i love pictures of cupcakes!

  9. Erin

    Naomi, I can’t help how much I love your posts! This one just made me extra happy and I’m on my way into the kitchen right now to go make me some cupcakes!!


  10. Rock It

    oh I envy (in a good way) your cupcake and burger adventures. I must go if I ever find myself in DC again.

  11. Steph

    Good to know since DC just might become my new home in the next sevearl months!

  12. Vanessa

    I’ll be in DC in April, can’t wait to try one!

    Love your blog!

  13. Anonymous

    they look so pretty! too pretty to eat!

  14. Rebekah

    ooh yummy! If you ever get to Seattle you must try Trophey Cake..the best we’ve got to offer!!

  15. Mmmmm…those look delicious! Cupcakes fascinate me as well. I just love them!

    Looks like you two had a lovely trip. Trips with husbands are always fun and much needed.

  16. Anonymous

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  17. Anonymous

    i like blog. you are really pretty.

  18. kd-m

    but have you tried Baked in Red Hook? it's all about the sweet & salty cupcake!

  19. have you been to Crumb on the UES? i went for the first time this weekend – tried their hostess cupcake – AMAZING

  20. Sarah

    Best cupcakes ever, that is a big call! They look divine.

  21. Anne

    I had a smores cupcake there a few months ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I live just over the river and have THE hardest time not driving into g-town every single day for a cupcake. SO DELICIOUS!

  22. LULA

    Hi guys
    I have posted a few times before- the first time being on your bachelor/hotdog post. Knowing that you like the bachelor- I just have to comment on the bachelor last night. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?! The After the Rose Cermony was crazy! I was in shock…

  23. Micaela

    your husband takes GORGEOUS pics!!! :)

  24. i love billy’s!

    when i lived in the city, my friend and i would go there like once a week (whenever one of us was having a bad day).

    i’ll definitely check out georgetown cupcake next time i’m in DC. thanks!

  25. Krysta

    Oh gosh, I too am in looove with cupcakes (and cheeseburgers too oddly enough)! I lived around the corner from Magnolia for a while and I think I ate, on average, 4 cupcakes a week. Best cupcake ever? I have to go try!

  26. Really great shots! They look so good (and you do too of course!). It looks like you guys had a really good time.

  27. Have you tried Crumbs Cupcakes? The Red Velvet is my favorite, they make Magnolia’s seem dry and cakey. Before you are hit up Crumbs, stop into Josie’s West for Brunch. Trust me.

  28. the sassy kathy and diva nanny,

    we have had tried crumbs, and to be honest, i’ve always been disappointed with their cupcakes. they always seem hard and stale (my opinion.) perhaps i should give them another shot?

    and yes, josie’s is very good! thanks for the reminder. i need to go back!


  29. jones

    Another recommendation for a delicious DC cupcake – Baked and Wired – also in Georgetown. Their strawberry cupcake is perfect.

  30. Jojo

    mmmm yum! I’m having cupcakes at my wedding (less than 3 weeks now!!!)… but these look deeeeelicious.

  31. Anonymous

    the last photo of you is beautiful. what lipstick do you use?

  32. Andi

    I totally agree. My husband and I go there literally every single weekend. I can’t get enough of their red velvet and vanilla squared. They’re so good that I often daydream about them!

    You’ll need to check out the new cupcake place, Red Velvet Cupcakery, in Chinatown. It’s a really close second.

  33. Andi

    By the way, I’m from St. George too, just like your husband! What high school did he go to? I graduated from Dixie in ’03. My parents are still there. I wonder if his dad is Dr. Davis…

  34. lauren

    My husband thinks there is something wrong with me because I crave cupcakes so. Yesterday he came home with cake mix from Whole Foods, and said he’d make me a cake, but apologized it wasn’t cupcakes!!! LOL! He didn’t realize they are the SAME!

  35. leni

    They look so delicious! By the way, you guys are so cute!

  36. as a cupcake lover myself, may i also suggest “so cupcake” in salt lake {if and when you’re ever there}. it’s delish. best key lime cupcake ever.

  37. Jenna

    I have got to get myself to the East Coast sometime soon.

  38. i thought you were in DC this weekend. did you go to the Capitol Hill ward? I thought I saw a headband and red lipstick there. :)

  39. Charlotte

    Hi Naomi~
    I am also a big cupcake lover from Taiwan…
    I always try to find new cupcake places when i go back to NY, last Oct. i found this nice cupcake place when i visited my friend in D.C.,
    “Hello Cupcake” Just south of Dupont Circle, across from the Metro… you should go try it next time you are in D.C.


  40. i’m a fan of cakelove myself. check it out next time you’re in D.C. it’s on U street and it’s adorable and delicious.

  41. SG

    Speaking of DC….Ahem…I’ll be there March 13-19. You should come then too and we can play.

  42. Kaylen

    This looks like heaven.

  43. just came across your blog, so sweet! and yummy for those cupcakes, i am wanting one right now :)

    from las vegas

  44. Grace

    Check out Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. And for a great burger you won’t have to go too far from your Capital Hill abode. Good Stuff is delicious! I haven’t explored too many other burger joints yet because this place is just so good.

    Just stumbled upon your blog today and since I live in DC thought I would send some recommendations.