“filet-o-fish.” “filet-a-fish.”

thanks to my friends, this has been stuck in my head the past few days. 

husband and i also die over this one. we’ve been laughing over both all night…. although we probably won’t ever try the sandwich at mcdonalds.   
we’re still loyal to the chicken nuggets and big mac. 
  1. Rebekah

    oh my word, ridiculous! ha ha, I secretly love the filet o fish!
    congrats on the job and move that is so exciting!

  2. you’re welcome….


  3. Exteena

    Oh dear now it is stuck in my head. Haha thanks Naomi. I also want to make a run to Micky D’s for some nuggets too!

  4. Sarah

    Oh hahaha! I love the filet of fish commercials! The second one is my favorite!

  5. i’m more of a southern chicken sandwich sort of girl.

  6. Angie

    i died. that last one killed me!

    p.s. love the new headbands in the shop!

  7. Kalen

    b and i both sing the fish commercial too… and you have to have a deep voice and do a little wiggle to it :)


  8. Erin

    I also am loving these commercials. Funny!

  9. I was eating a Big Mac the other day and thought of you :) Sad to say that I’m too scared to try a filet-o-fish :(

  10. Jamie


  11. My friend and I just came up with a remix to that song…LOL! I plan on YouTube’ing it this weekend…stay tuned! Hee, hee!