…do come in.

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our little nyc rockstar apartment is still available for sublet for 1 week
March 29th-April 5th
email me: naomi.megan{at}gmail.com
  1. I would love to but I am too poor to fly to America right now. :(

    Your place looks fab

  2. if i needed a place, your adorable casita would be my first pick. :)

  3. So this means you decided to sublet the month by week? Are all the other weeks already taken?? I tried talking Dan into taking me to NYC for our “babymoon”. Still trying to convince him.

    This would have been perfect though.

  4. How fun!…..I wish that I had time to go to NYC right now!

  5. It’s so cute! If I were planning to be in NYC, I might consider it.

  6. What a nice flat. The reds are my favorite.

  7. naomi!

    good news: we’re holding off on the tea party shoot until we can have more friends do it and make it more fabulous.



  8. Hi Naomi,

    I wrote you by email about subletting the apt. I wasn’t quick enough on the draw though. If the last week in April falls through. Please let me know.

    Thanks :)
    [email protected]

  9. Jasmine

    your apartment’s so cute! i wish our studio had hardwood floors. it really makes such a difference. and i wish we were able to come take a vacation in new york and sublet from you. i hope someone snatches it up soon!

  10. I wish that I could come to NYC then!!!!

  11. gosh, we’d love to but we don’t move there till June 1st. Can we rent it then ;) If not, any recommendations? Good luck, i know the whole process is stressful.

  12. Julia

    ! that’s seriously your place? cute! wish I could…

  13. Oh goodness!

    I am going to be there that weekend at the Waldorf=Astoria!

    If I would have known about this way before we booked our room at the Waldorf, you definitely would have a customer here!

    you’re place is Lovely by the way!

  14. Shin

    Your apartment looks really cool! Love the lighting and the red bed and couch! Lovely!

  15. too bad it’s not available tomorrow! then i wouldn’t have to stay in a new jersey campground and take the train into the city!

  16. Tara

    i have a blue kitchen just like you. love it.

  17. jlc

    ADORABLE!! Wow, a teacher and from NYC.

    Where are you guys now? And why do you miss NY…. this is making me sad… just stay!!! :)