1. lauren

    i completely agree. what a lovely photo. and i heart your outfit.

  2. I find myself nodding in agreement!

    Beautiful picture, too!

  3. kd-m

    amen, sister!

  4. Jo

    i couldn’t agree more! cute outfit :)

  5. jess

    i wish i was even a quarter as photogenic as you,

    i have just made a pot of tea and i think i might go and read a book (maybe without a umbrella though)

  6. Emma

    What a gorgeous photo. I’m just about to crawl back into bed too!

  7. umm… love this one.

    I too wish that I was curled up in bed reading a little diddy.. Such a fabulous way to spend a Wednesday.

  8. Emma

    You’re not the only one to make that wish ;] Just discovered your blog and I’m already in love with it. Brilliant picture!

  9. this photo has all things i love: books, pretty dresses, umbrellas, under a bridge!

    hope you can get around to having some tea!

  10. can i have an Amen?

  11. Teresa

    what a precious photo!

  12. Shelley

    I love this picture! you and your blog are just too cute!

  13. Of all the things to love–the umbrella, the dress…
    the best part of this picture is your relevé.

  14. what a beautiful photo!

  15. Allie

    Dear me, there’s nothing I’d like more in the world. Hibernation mode, BEGIN!

  16. Great photo and I completely agree with your sentiments! It’s rainy and nasty here in Ohio and Morgan is sick and I wanted nothing more than to sleep the day away! We were surprised to hear you guys are moving but excited for you just the same. NYC and Harlem 1st won’t be the same without you two!

  17. I love this photo, it’s timeless. I don’t know what the weather is where you’re at, but it’s been cloudy and cold for the past four days. I wish the day included a little sunshine and some daffodils (or maybe lilacs?). Thanks for your post:) I’m glad even rockstars have days like this!

  18. toria

    look at your arch!

  19. jamie

    I have kindof a random question….I am getting the impression that you are from Utah? and if that is the case, where did you dance growing up? I am looking for a good place to start my daughter dancing, but am having a hard time deciding….

  20. Meghan

    Fabulous photo! I could definitely use a day in bed with a good book myself!

  21. I’m so there with you! Tea+book+bed=happiness :)
    But alas, I’m off to class!

  22. i agree with you totally. i’d much rather be reading than here at the office. =]

  23. You look divine in this! ;)

  24. You are my dancer. LOOK at that foot. Amazing. Hey, you know what I love? How many people want to photograph you. Hahaha. You’re so cool.

  25. Erin

    You are so lovely.

  26. great photo …love the colors.

  27. Iselin

    A few days ago I stumbled over your blog, and I could not get my eyes off it. I love how you write about the smallest everyday- things, and how the photos in the blog tell a story about life.
    I wish you, and your husband, the best of luck.

  28. Moocy

    Wonderful outfit… and awesome umbrella!

  29. Awesome photo.

  30. Awesome photo.

  31. Awesome photo.

  32. Awesome photo.

  33. Where do you get all these beautiful photoshoots?
    They are like poetry.

  34. Melanie

    beautiful! beautiful! love your outfit and umbrella. x

  35. Cheryl

    You are a natural.

  36. i love love love this. everything about it! the color, the outfit, the umbrella… ahhh!

  37. classic bride featured a photo of you on one of her posts from this photo shoot. just wanted to let you know! :]