1. is there ever a moment when you DON’T look impeccably chic? if you only saw some of my special outfits i put on during the weekends…

  2. You are adorable

  3. Rock It

    Your so lovely! And I ask the same as above (Cupcakes and Cashmere) when don’t you look this great? Love the outfit!

  4. Carolyn

    I love your hair!!

  5. KSBL

    you look great and your hair is gorgeous!

    is it naturally curly?

  6. Cassie

    I love the oj ;)

  7. Rebekah

    I love coffee and pastries with my best girls too! I am imagining it was full of giggling and chit chat too – so fun!!

  8. Yes! the lovely Naomi is back! :) I’m happy to hear you’re fine.
    and yasss! … BREAKFAST is always the best!!! I think you know about my breakfast crush! :D

  9. I agree…you always look so adorable in all your posts! you inspire me!!

  10. Whitney

    I agree with Cupcakes and Chasmere. You always look so fab! Personally, I love your hair, because I’ve always envied dark long tresses! I love how vocal you are about your love for your husband. Being married is the best. Infact, you two got married a day before my husband and I!

  11. Lisa

    I LOVE BREAKFAST TOO! If i could, I would only eat breakfast foods every meal of the day.
    p.s. Did you dye your hair? It looks mighty rich and silky. :)

  12. thanks everyone.
    no my hair is naturally static! haha. and i didn’t darken it. although it could use a little booster.

    i’m hungry for more breakfast.
    i wouldn’t mind some toast.

  13. Sarah

    It’s true. You always look really put together. It’s called NAOMI. haha. The OJ looks yummy.

  14. Sarah

    So where is the blouse from? I also want to look put together wearing such a starched white blouse.

  15. Gayle

    Please tell me I encouraged your recent trip to CF&J; (on the post re:best burger in town)?! That would just be utter elation. If not, and you were already hip to it, well then we share a common love. *shhh don't tell, but I kinda sorta (actually) used to work there* SUCH good juice, and breakfast too, of course.

  16. gayle, husband and i LOVE community food & juice. i don't know how we've never blogged that before, but once we loved it so, we went two night in a row and ordered the same thing. we even had the same waitress and i was so embarrassed! glad you are also a big fan!

  17. lauren

    Naomi! I think I see my white bow blouse there if I am not mistaken! What a babe you are ;)