behold the cherry blossoms.

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on our walk home from church  today,
we took some polaroids of the cherry blossoms 
lining our tiny street.
we’re living on capitol hill, 
a few blocks away from eastern market.
we adore the historic neighborhood 
and can’t wait to start exploring…
aren’t the cherry blossoms gorgeous?
  1. Ashley

    oooo i am sooo jealous! i’m obsessed with cherry blossoms!

  2. The first polaroid of you in the yellow dress with the cherry blossoms belongs in a book! You look beautiful! Can’t wait to see more DC photos!

  3. Eve

    i love those trees!!!!
    i which i could have them where i live!
    lucky u

  4. Some of the most magical trees ever.

  5. Rie

    those are glorious!! i love the lighting.

  6. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see all your adventures here. You look lovely in the first picture, and I like that yellow dress.

  7. Meg Fee

    holy crumbcake! that first photo is unreal!

  8. carly

    Oh my, they are just beautiful!

  9. when i was younger, my childhood home had cherry blossom trees that would blossom at the same time. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I would ever know.

  10. I can’t wait to see them next week! Hooray! (For my gift to my five peoples on my blog – I had that exact idea, take Polaroids of the blossoms and send them – but shhhh…don’t tell).

    Can’t wait to hear about your D.C.

  11. You took pictures of the cherry blossoms!!! Tree blossoms are my all-time favorite thing about spring, thank you for letting me see it. The pictures are so lovely, and I loved the top one too!

    It snowed five inches today in Montana with more on the way…again thanks!

  12. Loving it loving it. I think my friend Liz is in your ward. She is excellent. Congrats on the move! Perfect timing for cherry blossom festival!

  13. popcorn popping!

  14. looks so pretty! wow, what an amazing little area – love the neighborhood!

  15. dear naomi,
    thank you for letting us follow you around on your lovely outings and adventures.
    it is inspiring.

  16. deidra

    The Capitol Hill ward is the best! We have so many friends there and miss it.

    I’m working on my jealousy tonight.

  17. oh! i grew up 30 mintues from D.C. cherry blossoms remind me of my sweet dad.

    oh i miss them.

  18. Jasmine


  19. LOVE the yellow dress you’re wearing in photo 1. and, man, do i miss polaroids.

  20. Fenke

    all the best in your new home and i can’t wait for all the little stories you will tell from there!

  21. photos are great Naomi. do you know that my name means “blossom”?
    I’m so cheerful for this because I adore blossoms! and you in this yellow dress beside blossom tree … like a dream!


  22. jess

    what a pretty little street, fits you perfectly.

    love the yellow dress.

  23. From NYC to DC — what an adventure. Gorgeous pictures.

  24. You really have an eye for beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  25. toria

    just beautiful! so historic!

  26. Amy Joy

    wow beautiful!

  27. Anne

    What great pictures! I love the Cherry Blossoms, I get to run through them this weekend, can’t wait!

    Lucky you to be so close to Eastern Market. Their breakfast is so delicious. Oh, and during the warm months, one of the vendors sells fresh limeade, one of my most favorite treats in the world.

    Welcome to DC!!!!

  28. I’m headed down to DC this Friday and I can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms! You must must must post photos of your new place! I’m dieing to see!

  29. Sooo beautiful! I admit that I’m quite jealous as well, especially today as I’m watching the snow blowing outside. BRRR.

    Enjoy your time exploring!

  30. tiaraco

    Capitol Hill is the best! So jealous…

  31. oh yes! blossoms gorgeous. photos… mmm amazing ;] good luck in the exploring!

  32. Martha

    These polas are so beautiful! I loved the capitol hill area! So glad someone has good weather…northern UT is just getting covered in snow :(

  33. The photos are gorgeous!

    And I’m glad you seem to be finding the beauty in your new home so quickly…Enjoy the exploration!

  34. deidra

    I know someone had mentioned breakfast at Eastern Market, and I know that they are famous for the bluebucks, but I have to pull for the french toast with real maple syrup and pecans. I think they beat the bluebucks every single time.

    And Gravelly Point, along the Mt. Vernon Trail, is one of the best things DC (or very northern most Virginia) has to offer. It’s amazing when the planes are landing right.

  35. They are gorgeous – as is the beautiful yellow dress…

  36. I’m SO jealous! Utah is a winter wonderland right now.

  37. wow they are so amazing, what a blessing your new neighborhood looks to be! Love your yellow dress as well you have the best taste!
    congrats on the new move, have fun settling in!

  38. the cherry blossoms are gorgeous! i love these photos.

  39. Shelley

    Beautiful! I love the one with you it it!

  40. beautiful, just beautiful.

  41. Moocy

    So pretty! That looks like a wonderful place to be living. :)

  42. Carolyn

    That first picture of you and the cherry blossoms is dream like…I love it! Can’t wait to hear of all your adventures!

  43. K.

    welcome to the neighborhood! my roommate and i are fellow capitol hill residents and just love your blog. happy DC adventuring!

    (and since you love burgers and are nearby, check out Top Chef contestant Spike's burger place, Good Stuff, at 3rd & Penn SE…)

  44. This neighborhood looks like a perfect fit for you two. Love the pics as well!

  45. meghann

    I thought that was my neighborhood! Welcome! and don’t tell too many people how fab it is okay? We don’t want the secret getting out…

  46. valerie

    how did i not ever read this pretty blog!? i just stumbled upon it and am completely in love. very awesome pics and you two look madly in love. every girl’s dream :)

    have a happy week!

  47. How pretty, Cherry Blossoms remind me of university, during our 2nd semester I would sit out under the trees to study.

    You’re pictures are lovely.

  48. I miss D.C. So much.

  49. I miss D.C. So much.

  50. I miss D.C. So much.

  51. I miss D.C. So much.

  52. i never knew there were cherry blossoms in dc.
    they are absolutely stunning.

  53. Anne

    Ok…as a follow-up, I echo deidra’s comment about the french toast at Eastern Market, it really is incredible. I do think that the guy behind the counter really loves it when someone orders the bluebucks though, he yells the order back to the line a little more excitedly than he does for any other item on the menu. It’s cute.

  54. Perfection.

    I can’t wait to live in D.C. I think the cherry blossoms are my very favorite part.

  55. Lidia

    absolutely adorable! =)

  56. Rebecca

    Your neighborhood looks fabulous. Enjoy it– and be sure to tell us all about the best restaurants there! :)

  57. Emily

    The Cherry blossom trees and the photos are beautiful! The cherry blossom festival is going on here right now but none of our trees are blooming yet!

  58. MJSSJM

    Naomi.. what application do you use to make your photos look like poloroids? Or were those really taken with your beloved poloroid camera?

  59. MJSSJM,
    they are real polaroids. i scanned them after i took them.


  60. Laura

    Welcome to DC! This week’s CityPaper has the Best of DC – check it out for some good eats and stuff to do.

  61. love it! love the neighborhood- looks like you guys are right at home! ;) we will still miss you though

  62. so pretty!! i love cherry blossoms!

  63. i used to live right near there and the cherry blossoms are my favorite time of year! Be sure to go walk around the Jefferson Memorial – stunning! Oh I miss sundays with coffee walking through Eastern Market :)

  64. i used to live right near there and the cherry blossoms are my favorite time of year! Be sure to go walk around the Jefferson Memorial – stunning! Oh I miss sundays with coffee walking through Eastern Market :)

  65. Sum

    I love cherry blossoms! They are beautiful. And your pictures are amazing, like always.

  66. our cherry blossoms are just starting to poke out too – i noticed it this weekend and squeeeeled in delight. i love them. these photos are fantastic!

  67. Lynne

    Recently stumbled upon your blog — just awesome. Love DC, love the cherry blossoms, especiallyl love Eastern Market. Lucky you!

  68. Melanie

    i love the first image, it’s so very beautiful! the blossoms are out in london too. they’re so beautiful and i love the sweet smell that fills the air. x

  69. Gorgeous! I love historic neighborhoods, thats what I miss most about New Orleans is the Garden District!

  70. Love the Cherry Blossoms! My BF lived in DC for a semester back in college and took loads of lovely blossoms pics for me. The next time you visit Eastern Market on a Sat, wait in line for the Buckwheat Blueberry pancakes (inside where they sell meat and stuff, toward the back right side). SO.WORTH.IT.

  71. You know, DC is one of my favorite cities, and I know you will love it. I live in Baltimore, and envy you for living in the historic district of the district. I was there last weekend and the cherry blossoms were devine!