and the winners are…

…comments 422 and 289!
but first off, 
thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments!
i wish i could give away a headband to each of you who posted.
i read each and every one of your comments 
and you don’t know how much they mean to me!
reading your comments made me feel so overwhelmed with love 
and feel like i have true friends all over the world!
because of the large response, we decided to do two giveaways!
husband chose the numbers at random.
kailey + caleb and jkreids, email me your headband request and addresses!
again, thank you everyone!
we love you.
taza & husband.
p.s. husband used a random number generator function from excel 
to choose the winners. seeeeriously?
  1. Rock It

    Well it was fair and square. You look so awesome with glasses and red lipstick. You two are so cute together, but I’ve already said that. Congrats to the winners!

  2. lucky winners! I love you outfit here btw (or at least what I see of it!)

  3. girl, you had a great response to this giveaway. you should feel loved indeed! i think if i ever got 600 comments i would pee my pants.

  4. Well atleast I get to SEE YOU this month! That is much better than a headband. (But that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are A freaking Mazing! :) Congrats on you success!!!

  5. Tania

    i am still going to order one; i can’t stop thinking about them!

  6. dearest burger-lovin’ naomi and excel-junkie josh, i spent the last 12 hours animating in the workshop. it would’ve been a miserable 12 hours had i not been wearing my envy-inducing “sumaya” headband!
    congrats on your well-deserved success :) much love from cali!

  7. Oaahh… {a very big sigh} …

    you looks so pretty in this picture, and you know what Naomi? … You pay attention. you put time and energy… and it deserves to have 600 readers!!!!
    Good job girl!
    and one more thing: I’m really cheered up when you mentioned that you have REAL friends all over the world!!! does it mean that I am a real friend!? :D Yes! :D


  8. Oh wow!! I never win anything!! I am so excited, and thank you so much! I was showing my husband your headbands the other day and I can’t believe I won one! I will e-mail you later today! thanks again!

  9. Jojo

    oh cool, congrats to the winners! Obviously I’m terribly jealous now, but hey, well done! I’m sure you’ll both look super cute in your new headbands. Thanks Naomi and husband for a great post! love it. :)

  10. krysti

    well i’ll be ready and waiting for the next one!

    P.S. love your blog… it’s quite precious.

  11. Zuzanna

    i love that brick pattern on your walls…is it a faux finish, or actual brick? wallpaper is darn hard to find in nyc ;)

  12. 596 comments?!? you should be unbelievably proud. your headbands have received all of the praise and adoration that they deserve! xo

  13. Meghan

    Congrats on your first successful giveaway! I love the pics announcing the winners!

  14. Carolyn

    hahahah! I love that he is the cute nerd type that uses the random number generator. THAT is adorable. ;)

  15. That’s wonderful! All the best to the lucky winners.

  16. Anonymous

    Boo! :) You’re so friggin cute!

  17. Rachelita

    Here are some ideas for future blog posts!

    – beauty post: what products you use and love and shopping tips!
    – Guide to NY: restaurants, shows, etc.
    – Question/Answers!

    doooo ehhhhhhhhhh!

  18. Anonymous

    you and your husband are so friggin adorable and photogenic! no wonder the world is obsessed with you.

  19. Erin

    I really wanted to win. But it’s okay because I ended up buying one of the headbands this morning! I can’t wait for it to get here! Thank you!

  20. ahhhh i wish i would have come back online last night to look. darn dangit skippidty doo.

    welll i read your blog everyday now. just so you know.

    i went to new york once. i saw phantom and went to h&m;, thats about it. haha lame i know, but truthfully, i wouldn't know where to start.


  21. Laura Roberts

    Hahaha, mine was the comment after one of the winners! This is going to be the impetus I need to learn to type faster! Thanks again for your lovely blog, and congratulations on your success!

  22. geri

    ahhh rats.

    but congrats ya lucky little winners!

  23. Mae

    Hi, i love your blog!!!!!
    I have a quick question, where do you get the trimmings for all your headbands (especially the “caroline”)?? hobby lobby, walmart, joanne’s, special order,…. where??

    Thanks so much!!

  24. Peri

    oh my goodness. I love your blog. My sister estee told me about it. I keep begging my mom for one of your adorable headbands and I think it’s starting to work.