i just checked TAZA & THE PRINCE and everything is sold!
i cannot believe it. 
thank you so much everyone! 
for those of you who sent messages requesting a specific headband,
i will do my best to get those made and up in the shop within the next few days.
i’ll update you once the shop is up and running again.
thank you again! this means so much to me!
i am off to celebrate with a cup of tea!
  1. Anonymous

    Thank goodness you are making more. I didn’t get there fast enough. I almost cried. Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait.

  2. Alice

    Wow that’s fantastic – congratulations to you. I was a bit sad I didn’t make it in time, so I’m glad you’re going to keep updating the store and it wasn’t just a one-time thing. Who knows where this could lead, hey? x

  3. Brittany

    THANKs for updating! If you want to hire me to help, I’d gladly step in. I would love one of the ELISABETH. Those went quickest I think.

  4. Emily

    i was so bummed when i realized that i had missed the boat. all of the shimmery floral headbands are so cute it’s sickening. please hurry and make new ones! xo

  5. katie

    yay! I didn’t realize (even though I should have) they would be gone sooo fast!

  6. oh dear, they beat me to it! i’ll continue to check for the new additions… can’t wait!

  7. Anonymous

    how much are these babies going to put us back in the wallet?

  8. Congrats, Naomi. I thought they all looked delicious! So exciting and good luck!

  9. Nicole

    Now I am so thankful that I didn’t wait and bought one right away! I am so excited to get mine! Thank you Naomi!

  10. That’s amazing and so totally great that they all sold out! Congrats!

    BTW, I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day contest at my blog and I would love it if you entered! Please check back at my blog for more details!

  11. Anonymous

    Hey everyone…

    How much did they cost?!?

  12. YOU SOLD OUT WITHIN A FEW HOURS?!! But I didn’t get one!!! Can’t wait for the update. When will they be going up? You amaze me that you’re doing this and styling all those projects AND dancing and staying on top of it all. But it doesn’t surprise me…

  13. Meghan

    Anon, they were $30-34 depending on the style.

  14. the headbands actually range from $26.00-34.00 depending on the cost of materials and time put into each one.

    thank you everyone for the kind feedback!


  15. I think you have a goldmine in your hands, you should really make this a permanent thing (or at least a side business from whatever you re currently doing_

  16. Anonymous

    they are very pretty. do you do the beadwork yourself, or are you just stitching the appliques bought from a notion store onto the elastic? this looks like a very easy diy.

  17. that has to be some sort of etsy record. ridiculous!

  18. I’ve been checking your cute blog for quite some time now. You remind me a lot of my sister, she’s a designer here in Utah. I think you’d love her store in downtown SLC. Check out her website in the meantime, if you’d like

  19. Natalie*

    boo. boo. and boo.

    i really wanted one!!!!

    call me. i’m coming home tonight.

  20. Anonymous

    i love this blog you guys are the cutest couple!

  21. Good for you- your headbands are fantastic!

  22. Julia

    bugger, I missed it! will await the next batch with anticipation – well done you!

  23. Danielle

    I was so sad that I missed EVERY. LAST. ONE. of your headbands. I can’t wait to see more.

    (I have to stop commenting on your blog, but it’s just so lovely that I can’t help it!)

  24. i am a stalker and i love your blog. stalker in the best way possible!

  25. sunny

    Nice work. You’re onto something here.