why yes… i do love jell-o salad, got married 2 days after my 21st birthday and am maybe guilty of using the phrase “oh my heck” once upon a time.

so… i’m mormon (but i think you already knew that).
i did a phone interview the other week with a journalist from religion dispatches who was working on an article about the explosion of mormon blogs. it’s online now and i think it’s an interesting read, so check it out
some of my favorite bloggers are also there, (a little sussy, mormon in manhattan, cjane enjoy it and the nie nie dialogues)… so if for no other reason, go read it just to hear what these other lovely ladies had to say about being mormon and blogging.
p.s. i love josh. 
photo of me by nicole hill gerulat.
  1. you’re too cute, i love that you enjoy jell-o salad. oh and i’m for sure going to check out the other bloggers you mentioned since you and nie nie are two ‘must-reads.’

  2. funny that i’m linked in this one.. i never heard of this article before natalie called with it this morning.

  3. Natalie*

    and why was it ended on such a bummer note?!

    cranky sartorial blogs?!

    i’m not having peter priesthood…
    maybe i should start a blog about loser mormon men who eat girls cookies (not intended to be dirty), prey on 18 yr olds,
    grace us with “hang outs”,
    have poor oral hygiene,
    plan skank-ho parties where girls dress up in their skivvies and grind their way into hell.


  4. There sure are a lot of mormon blogs. But non as famous or loved as the ones mentioned in this article. Congrats on making it big time, Naomi! You’re so famous.

  5. lynn

    This is soooo interesting! I was just mentioning in an email to someone yesterday, how alot of my favorite bloggers (including all that you mentioned) are mormons! I wrote that there most be something really special in the faith, that alot of women I respect in the blogland are mormons. I definitely have a better idea of what your faith is about through your daily lives!

  6. emily

    natalie, i’m DYING! HILARIOUS!

  7. Anonymous

    All I know is that I used to think Mormons were close minded and crazy. But I love you and your blog and have learned a lot about it from you. So Thanks for not being afraid to be yourself. I guess they are cool after all.

  8. natalie,

    please please write a blog and use all that material. honestly, peter priesthood… i wonder who his mother is. poor lady.

  9. ella

    ahh. i just happened upon your blog and i am loving it :o)

  10. Hooray for Mormon bloggers (yep, that’s me too)… loved your quotes in the article.

    And Natalie, that was a hilarious comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  11. You have been featured in so many articles lately…way to go!

    I’m not Mormon, but most of the blogs I love are written by Mormon authors. You all are great bloggers.

  12. Sara

    Yay for cool mormons! (you know who you are.)

  13. Cheryl

    Great article. I have problems with Seriously So Blessed. And I’m not going to go to Peter Priesthood’s blog. Why waste the time?

    You certainly are famous! I haven’t even met you and my friends and I talk often about you and look at you in awe (is that creepy? None intended!)

  14. Brittany

    I love the title of this post. Somehow, you still don’t fit in that category to me. Barely 21 when married, okay, but still… you’re just not that kind of mormon. Which is such a good thing!

  15. Em & Gar

    wow. some of those last few were SO embarrassing. who are those people? i enjoyed your comments though. you’re famous! but you knew that. don’t forget the little people! wink.

  16. Carlita

    I can say ditto to everything in your title. Some may call us stereo-types, but I call us happy. Holler for Mormons!

    And blah to peter priesthood. Well done Natalie!

  17. Anonymous

    haha. oh my heck. that’s my favorite.

  18. Naomi,
    All my friends and I here at BYU worship you. We love the way you showcase our faith–some mormons are surprisingly cool (har har.) Your blog will always be number one.

    Loves, the cougars

  19. nice article! i really enjoyed reading it.

    and i’m sorry about the elbow to the face :(

  20. sheila

    I guess some people get a little jealous of uber-cool blogs like yours.

    Seriously though, when I see that little side bar on my blog that YOUR blog has been updated with a new post… is like the highlight of my day. Your blog makes me happy.

  21. OK. So Peter Priesthood needs to come out and show himself!!!

  22. Anonymous

    A few of the comments mentioned that you changed their views of Mormons.

    Knowing the religion well (many of my friends are or were Mormon) I don’t suffer under silly prejudices, but I have a problem with the offical doctrines, and, as a result, the practices- for example Prop 8 was a huge disappointment to me. And it hurts my heart to hear of gay members being told “we love YOU, we just don’t want you to act on being gay. Stay celibate and we’re all cool!”.

    So, I enjoy your blog. You’re a doll, and you deserve your publicity. But no amount of awesome pictures and killer fashion is going to change this non-member’s (whoops, neighbor’s ;) disappointment that members of your Church, and possibly you, actively worked to dissolve the marriages of men and women. The joy you and your husband have in one another is something beautiful to see. But your Church officially took a stand, with many other churches, to dissolve the very same kinds of relationships between men and women in California. It just seems like a sad contrast to me. I think it’s good that people lay down their silly stereotypes and prejudices, but I think it’s also just as fair to remember the truth, and that sometimes people disagree with the Church based on what is taught by it. Sometimes it seems that religious people feel attacked when people disagree with them on their beliefs, and I can understand that reaction- especially because people say the most ridiculous things about the Mormon Church that aren’t true. So, I’m not attacking. Just saying, I know what the official stances are on a lot of things, I disagree with those stances, but I think you’re great anyway and I like checking out your blog.

  23. Anonymous


    That’s ^^^ why I think you’re brave. I mean, it’s not like Mormons to hide their beliefs anyway, but the fact that you let people know that you are Mormon, even when it’s “uncool” right now to be faithful, really means something. Kudos.