why i love my {job}.

i’m working on a few things with the 5 browns this year and 
since they were a big part of zac posen’s show for fashion week, 
i loved getting to spend a few hours with him and his darling parents 
at his studio last week before the big fashion show. 
check out his stunning collection here
read and see photos from the show last week here.
he is one talented genius of a designer 
and one of the most down to earth people i’ve met.
(he designed these dresses for the browns.) 
i’ve never walked away from something feeling so inspired. 
and i want all of his pieces!
  1. i’m in awe…this is so great and i simply love all the ruffles and bows!

  2. Sarah

    so i already envied everything about you but now i REALLY DO! zac posen? girl, i hate u.

  3. Emily

    Nice… love that the Brown’s were part of the show! Amazing collection and Amazing dresses for the girls!

  4. You are so LUCKY! I am very much Jealous!

  5. AMAZING. thats all to be said.

  6. wow! what a dream job. i’m super jealous..

  7. Martha


  8. Jenna

    Are they going to play in those amazing dresses?

  9. Those dresses are beautiful. I want one.

  10. Rachel H

    Hi! I just found your blog and am enjoying all the creativity and you guys are such an adorable couple! You are truly a beautiful girl!

    What is it that you do?

    What fabulous gowns!!!

  11. what a lovely collection! that’s so exciting you got to spend time with him. it’s always so refreshing and inspiring to spend time with successful people like that who are genuine and kind. :)

  12. yayyyy little lady! what fab things are you gonna be doing with these cool siblings? (thought it was so cute on their site where their parents wanted to raise five ‘good people’)

    i read your article and it was so lovely btw


  13. Girl. This all seems like a dream to me. for me,a girl far far away from New York… from all those fantastic “images” in my mind … all seems like a DREAM! and I thank you. a real big “thank you”! cause you are making my dreams and my hopes so real and touchable! and I wish you luck… an undeniable luck!

  14. What a super fun job! And what beautiful dresses!

  15. so awesome! i think i kinda love you job too…

  16. Hey Lady , How have you been? Thats a great photo of Zac Posen. Did you meet Lucia the makeup artist? She is represented by my Agency Streeters. Well I though I would just say hi. We should trade stories.

  17. LULA

    What an amazing moment- I have always wanted to attend one of his shows!! How cool to be in the studio with him. I think its so neat to see other artists at work- a studio is such a special place.
    I am sure you had a blast! What is it that you do?

  18. His stuff is awesome! I am glad I got to see you and Josh yesterday. I know the new adventure will be wonderful!

    ps: I used to have a fabulous tube of mac red lipstick…I need to get some more! Also when you get a chance post up your fav. shops and food places.