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  1. I wore red lipstick to class last night. A friend of mine who also adores your blog looks at me and says “are you trying to be Rockstar girl? You should just stop.” Haha! We had a good laugh. It doesn’t suit me nearly as well but hey, I might try one more time this weekend on a date. Just thought you should know.

  2. Girl, you know if I had something to advertise, I’d do it here! I love you!

  3. jen

    How fun! I sent you an email…can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Jojo

    Oh I am in the process of starting up an etsy / folksy (British Etsy) shop so as soon as I’m up and running I’ll be in touch. P.s. thanks for commenting on my photos! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Have a great weekend

  5. I love tea! and you know what? I have a thing about having tea with some bizarre foods like hotdog and some kind of salads! I know! my friends also make fun of me! but well… it’s me :p

  6. Jamie

    This is such exciting news! I just sent an email your way regarding! Can’t wait!

  7. Anonymous

    that is the cutest photo, naomi. you can see all the excitement in your face about those tea sandwiches and tea cups! hahaha! you’re too cute.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Sarah

    good for you! i told you to do this ages ago.

  10. Naomi,

    Replying to our Bachelor conversation… I think Jason seems quite bland too. I wish he was funnier and not so awkward at times. Like when the girl’s tell him “I think I love you” he just sits there with this little boy smile and says, “Wow…” I mean really? That’s all you’re going to say. Whatever, I still hope he finds love. I think he’s going to choose Melissa. Also, this Deanna drama? Can’t wait to see what goes down there. She is crazy.

    Thanks for replying! Hope you have a fun-filled weekend in NY.


  11. LULA

    congrats on taking the next step in your blog!

  12. Anonymous

    I recognize that teapot… Alice’s Tea Cup! My favorite!

  13. Angie

    i am so happy i just found this gem of a blog. i’m also mormon and my husband and I are moving to NYC this summer if (cross your fingers) he gets the job. i was looking online at apartments in Harlem because it’s affordable and the hub said we could never live there because it isn’t safe. Well? YOU live there! Is it safe? no pressure but if you have a sec, comment on my blog or email me and let me know what it’s like! if not, I’ll just go through your archives and find out for myself. [[email protected]}

    oh and i admire you for making such great use of your 440 square feet. and glad to know it can be done!

  14. Mandi

    Oooh I think you’ll do well with advertising! :) I just sent an e-mail your way about getting the shop linked up here. :)

  15. Rock It

    that’s awesome i love reading your blog and i know so many more do too…I’m so happy for you! so do you include blogs you like?

  16. Congrats! I love your blog!!

  17. CC

    I cannot wait to see the shops and artists you promote ! Good luck dear!

  18. Prianka

    Courtney Lynn:
    that is just a great story.