a new batch of headbands go up in the shop. you maybe might find some vintage dresses there over the next few days too… 

  1. Anonymous

    Yippeee, I’m thrilled!! They won’t beat me to it this time!

  2. Im getting on first thing in the morning! Im super excited!

  3. Ooooooo vintage!! Love it!! :P <3

  4. Carlita

    so cute! congrats on your success :) {and fyi.. your link to your shop isn’t working on this post…i think the wrong http is on there!}

  5. Anonymous

    Yay! I will get one this time. Are you going to be posting your friend Carolyn dancing soon? You mentioned you had filmed her dancing.

  6. Kaylen

    Huzzah!!! I totally want one.

  7. cannot wait! shopping taza and the prince makes me feel like a rockstar!

  8. sheila

    everyone listen up! leave one for me!!

    and that was meant to be loud.

  9. Kristen

    what time will the shop be updated in the morning??

  10. liko

    okay, so not fair, everytime i check there’s nothing left…

  11. i’ll update in the afternoon today.

  12. Shug

    I think your little headband shop will become a HUGE success. Don’t let it down.. in fact, I have a friend that could design a good, actual website for you….if you want! Anyways, good luck with this, it’s brilliant. After seeing your blog, alot of my friends (girls) tell me that they love that style…

  13. i tagged you. come and see.

  14. I love love love mine. Thank you.