1. emily

    Wow, congratulations! That’s a great picture of you, and a perfect little blurb. Loved it.

  2. becca

    Not surprised, you super star you. You are so beautiful. And when I get married I’m going to use you as inspiration and do something with a farmhouse too!

  3. jenna

    Wow. That is SO exciting & you are absolutely adorable!

  4. oh my worrrrd, this is so fantastic.
    you are absolutely LOVELY.


  5. sheila

    that’s not silly, thats AWESOME! great picture too.

  6. Oh my gosh, you KNOW how I feel about Martha! How did you not tell me about this??? I am quite jealous. I LOVE me some Martha Stewart. I also love you girl.

  7. congratulations…of course you look stunning and i can’t wait to read what you wrote!

  8. Micaela

    you rock star you!!! :) you look gorgeous as ever and your blurb is as adorable as you! Martha should be proud. CHEERS N!!!

  9. I heart your blog and this article! No jealousy here at all…okay maybe a smidge.

  10. Mary

    Hi Naomi- Your blog is great. I can’t believe you’re 22 and you’re married! That is so young! But you look really happy and are very beautiful and very creative (I can see why anyone would want to hurry up and marry you.) What was it like being at Juilliard? My friend auditioned for voice but didn’t get in. She is a singer. I hear it’s really hard to get in. Congrats on the article. You look really pretty there.

    Love Mary.

  11. Cheryl

    Great write up! You stand out on the page so well. Congrats on all your success!

  12. Carlita

    how fantastic! i think that picture of you is stunning, and i hope this brings a lot of success to your shop! congrats :)

    we all love us some Martha.

  13. Brittany

    Oh Naomi this is such a cool write up! Congrats!

  14. Alisha

    I just started following your blog and I have to say… You inspire me.

  15. Anonymous

    How I adore your white shirt in this picture. I have a thing for ruffles nowadays… darling!

  16. yay!!!!

    girl you look purty

  17. Sarah

    Awesome feature! You look good, Naomi!

  18. Sharon

    Cheers, Naomi! Thanks for being such an open and willing interviewee. Martha rocks and so do you. xo

  19. Heather

    awww…. how i miss reading time out magazine on the subaway! you look stunning, and are by far the standout on the page!!
    congratulations….. you really are a rock star!


  20. Meghan

    Oh that is way too cool! Congrats on being featured!

  21. Anonymous

    Naomi, I love your blog and etsy shop. Thanks for sharing your life!

  22. Erin

    Hi Naomi,

    I have ever commented (I’m shy), but this is just too good. I LOVE your posts. They bring me such joy over here in lonely Canada. Congratulations on the cute write up!


  23. Anonymous

    i love me some martha stewart! and i love her weddings! good choice!

  24. To Naomi: I would love the “alice” headband. I tried to get one when I bought my other and it was gone. If you make more of that style save one for me!! -Kelli Knight

  25. hey you’re famous!

  26. J. Rene'

    That is so amazing! How lucky are you?!?!? I love your blog, your apartment is SO cute! Great style!

  27. Rebekah

    wow congrats, so exciting!

    I wore my “bekah” today and it seemed like a hit, I love it!

    your blog is adorable!

  28. look at you! that is exciting. (i love martha, too.)

    so my sister called the other day to say, “your blog is famous, the girl from rockstar diary left you a comment!”

    haha. :)

    we both adore your blog.

  29. how wonderful! congratulations.

  30. Chrissy

    loved the entry :)
    But I just wanted to say I LOVE your style! And just wondering… if you were to go to hawaii what would you wear? I’m going soon and am at total loss. Please help if you can, if you can’t that’s totally fine. keep blogging!

  31. Em & Gar

    For chrissy above, I have to say, girl, your swim suit, that is what you wear in hawaii. And maybe some flip flops (but they call them “slippers” there, so don’t call them Flip flops.)

    Nomi- girl, is your life for real? :)

  32. Brett

    Congratulations love. I miss you. Im so happy for you.

  33. nikol

    of course!

    fantastic blog. =) i enjoy reading it.

    p.s. sweet magazine article!!

  34. Anonymous

    you are really beautiful.

  35. Martha


  36. Stella

    bravo chica! bravo bravo!

  37. Brittany

    This is so cool! Congrats on all your success!