the hunt for the best nyc burger continues…

on our way to catherine’s crush party on saturday we ran over to jackson hole on the east side for a quick and cheap burger. well, the 7 oz. burger was most definitely huge, but we thought they were overpriced and not so yummy. 

so far, we think the best nyc cupcake is from billy’s. and the best nyc milkshake is from  brgr.
but we’re still searching for the best nyc burger. if you have any recommendations, do share! we sort of really like a good hamburger.
  1. Em & Gar

    yuck! :)
    veggie burgers are my recommendation! :) if you dare, try morningstar (should be able to be purchased at most healthy grocery type stores and even some normal grocery stores in the frozen section.) really their delish i swear!

  2. Lenae

    This is too funny because there was a recent “How I Met Your Mother” episode that was all about -you guessed it- finding the best nyc burger. According to the show, it’s a hole-in-the-wall place with a green door ;)

  3. I can’t believe how big that thing is! Glad you didn’t like them, cause I hate everything about Jackson Hole. Haha.

    I’m also surprised you haven’t found your New York burger yet. I feel like you’ve been on the search forever. Wasn’t Shake Shack your final answer?

    P.S. Love you.

  4. i can’t help with ny burgers, but if and when you come to LA, i’ve got several spots in mind. we’re talking caramelized onions and blue cheese that’s been mixed into the meat.

  5. P.S. Why does my headband not look as good on me as it does you? Your hair is perfect!!

  6. that is a big burger! as someone already mentioned, this reminded me of that episode of how i met your mother!

  7. Wow! That is one big burger.

    I adore your etsy shop! I saw it on Cup Of Jo. Gorgeous, I can’t wait to you have more available.


  8. becca

    I don’t know what you are talking about, I think that burger looks AMAZING!!!

  9. Rock It

    wow that looked huge i don’t think i could have finished it…I’m definitely taking your recommendations next time i go to New York. you truly go look around.

  10. i went on a similar quest for the best NYC burger last year and found the best one ever at 7A (7th St. and Ave A) good luck!

  11. We’ve been wanting to try island burger. heard good things. We hated jackson hole.

  12. sheila

    THanks for the advice. That burger looks like it could feed three people. And a little too messy for me. But as far as for the cupcake shop.. mmmmm. I’ll have to put that down in my things-to-do list.


  13. sheila

    oh, and I know who always has a good hamburger in NYC…

    you may have heard of them before…

    a little something called…


    …McDonalds. hehe :)

  14. Jackson Hole!? OMG FLASHBACK! I went to school across the street and lunch there on half-day Fridays was the THING TO DO!

  15. Anonymous

    The boys at work swear by Blue Smoke and 5 Napkin Burger.

  16. Carolyn

    Oh my dear that’s a big hunk o’ burger.

  17. oh my gosh that thing makes my heart stop… road kill! :)

  18. emily

    I’m partial to the shake shack burger, but I like my burgers thin so I think I’m probably not a reliable source. We had burgers at brgr last week and I wasn’t all that impressed (though I loved having gruyere on my burger). I should have had a milkshake, which I did not. I agree about Billy’s cupcake being the best. I do like the red velvet cupcakes at Make My Cake in Harlem.

  19. ~S~

    Have you tried the Burger Joint?? So good….

  20. Carlita

    i believe there is a Five Guys Burgers & Fries in your area… we absolutely LOVE it. The burgers are really yummy and customizable, but the fries + fry sauce is to die for!

    good luck, happy hunting.

  21. Gayle

    I agree, Shake Shack- awesome.
    BUT I also am totally obsessed with the Soho Park Grill burgers on… Prince and Lafayette, I think? They are the perfect eatable size, and come with their own sauce (like Shake Shack).

    On the UWS, I love the burgers at Community Food and Juice on Broadway and 112th (good atmosphere too). They are bigger and their burger meat is totally organic and grass-fed and all that goodness.

    Okay, let us know how the search goes. ALSO- love the Bekah headband. I wore the crap out of mine starting the second I got it in the mail. (: It’s so perfect.

  22. We’re not so much in to burgers, but I agree jackson hole is not the goods. We used to love Zip burger which was in midtown but sadly they went out of business. Have you been to buttercup bakery on 2nd and 51st? In my opinion its the best cupcake, but I love dryer cupcakes. And I think that 5 guys became too comercialized and they’re no good anymore. Let me know when you figure it out!

  23. hey, lurker and fellow nyer here. (I think my husband knows yours from young mens church stuff.)

    Anyway someone mentioned it but the burger joint at the parker meridian hotel on 57th is amazing. It’s all descreet and hole in the wall ish, I’m sure you guys would love it.

  24. Meg Fee

    i consider myself something of a burger expert and i would say Dead Poet’s on 82nd and amsterdam; and the first one i ever had at Good Enough to Eat (it’s never been as good since, but i would still suggest it); please oh please can i come on your next burger quest, i so do love them!

  25. Kathryn

    Shake Shack is my true love. I love the thin patties, good sauce & not-too-bready buns.

    Blue Smoke's is pretty good.

    Peter Luger's in Brooklyn is to die for – but is massive & not for the faint of heart.

    Burger Joint is mostly hype, but fun to visit. Tastes like a backyard burger.

    Corner Bistro sort of tastes the same as Burger Joint, & the line is always just as long.

    PJ Clarke's is always a classic – & they are more reasonably sized.

    Jane is a hidden burger treasure – especially with their rosemary fries (yum).

    5 Guys in midtown is yummy. Maybe #2 on my list, & I love that they tell me where the potatoes of the day are from.

    Pop Burger is a novelty, but their fries are ridiculous, in a good way.

    Hmm. That's all I have to offer.

  26. Kathryn

    PS – Stand, just south of Union Square on 13th (I think) has lots of yummy options with sauce, buns, toppings, etc.

  27. let me know when you find it, cause Ive been having some burger problems myself….

  28. jamie

    i love your etsy shop and blog! i mentioned both in my own blog,so i hope you don’t mind. i look forward to buying one of your hair accessories, which will be a feat since they’re all the rage it seems!

  29. Ruby’s on Mulberry St. Very quaint. Only seats 19 people. The night went we met the owner from Australia who sat and had a big bowl of pasta and told us about his passion for good food. Best burger of my life!

  30. Sarah

    you know i love me the burger joint!

  31. hi missey! i have missed your blog so!

    hope you two are well.

    lots and lots of love from a snow-blanketed edinburgh!

    aw yeah, and i took the wee balloon photo. really glad you like it.

    kerri xxx

  32. Julia

    eek, that looks too massive! I can’t recommend any NY burgers (not been there yet. sob.) but the best in New Zealand, without a doubt (and the best I’ve ever had in my whole life) are from burger Fuel. Orgasmic.

  33. Karen

    you need to go to DUMONT BURGER in williamsburg, Brooklyn. Best burger. Not kidding.

  34. Kirsten

    It’s so funny, my husband and I are on a similar quest but for cheeseburgers. Whenever we travel, we compulsively order them and make random lists of the best burgers. I think that’s why we love roadtrips so much — burger stands!

  35. Sierra

    We went to Jackson Hole on a trip to NYC and I agree that their burgers are HUGE and just okay. Fun to see you go to someplace that I have been while vacationing there from the good ole beehive state! I love your blog, keep up the good work!

  36. Dad

    Mom, Isaac, and I went to Golden Corral today for lunch. They had mini steak burgers that were incredible (considering we were at a buffet.

    My vote for best burger is White Castle. Nomski, surely you remember the White Castle in Queens when we were with Samaya in her dads car after we had left Home Depot? fun memories!

  37. i live in oregon and have no ideas for you. however, your post motivated me to go out for a burger last night. thanks.

  38. Try PJ Clarks. There are 2 locations (there is one right next to julliard) it’s a simple burger and the fries are awesome!

  39. Dad

    Just read in the newspaper that In and Out Burger is opening in Draper later this year!


  40. the burger joint at le meridien in midtown has a really yummy burger…

  41. We really like Joy Burger on 100th and Lexington. They have three different sizes to choose from and lots of toppings, including fried eggs and avacados. Cody also reccomends POP Burger just south of FAO Schwartz. Good luck!

  42. Bradford

    those JH burgers are just too big. i still love the corner bistro burger. it’s not what it once was, but those fries, fried in the bacon fat…mmmm. it’s also worth the trip to Harlem for a TOAST burger…