husband went out for italian tonight after work with a friend. he brought me home some linguine with clams. but before he gave it to me, he said we had to kiss before i ate the pasta. not a big fan of garlic, that one. or so the wife is learning. sweet of him to still wanna kiss me though.... Read more

because we miss jillian and her hot dog theory.

here is the truth: husband and i have been religiously watching this season’s the bachelor. and we love it. it’s almost too bad of a show not to watch. sometimes we cry from laughing so hard at the crazies  and sometimes we cry because, well… jill got sent home last week. whaaaat? so we had hot dogs last night in her honor.... Read more

why i love my {job}.

i’m working on a few things with the 5 browns this year and  since they were a big part of zac posen’s show for fashion week,  i loved getting to spend a few hours with him and his darling parents  at his studio last week before the big fashion show.  check out his stunning collection here. ... Read more

last night around 3AM, husband elbowed me in the mouth while we were sleeping…

and almost 24 hours later my mouth is just now reaching its full capacity of soreness. 

oh, and my gums are purple and blue. it’s a good thing i love this man. {josh, please remember this next time i ask you for a puppy.} photo of us by johnny monahan from wayyy back in the day…  before marriage, bangs, our little blog or the recent developments in wanting a puppy.... Read more

why yes… i do love jell-o salad, got married 2 days after my 21st birthday and am maybe guilty of using the phrase “oh my heck” once upon a time.

so… i’m mormon (but i think you already knew that). i did a phone interview the other week with a journalist from religion dispatches who was working on an article about the explosion of mormon blogs. it’s online now and i think it’s an interesting read, so check it out.  some of my favorite bloggers are also there, (a little sussy, mormon in manhattan, cjane enjoy it and the nie nie dialogues)… so if for no other reason, go read it just to hear what these other lovely ladies had to say about being mormon and blogging.... Read more