one year older and wiser too.

we celebrated husband’s birthday last friday.
i made a homemade cookies and cream ice cream cake 
(it took forever. but it was delicious. and yes, 
he is lactose intolerant but that was all he wanted}
and bought husband a harmonica for his birthday.
he is a wonderful man and i’m so proud of him.
happy birthday again! 
  1. I love those extra long candles on his yummy looking cake! He sure looks like it was a Happy occasion!!!

  2. Wow! I want a piece of that cake!
    Do you know,I put a tag called “I LOVE TO BAKE” on my blog… you should come and see! :)
    Good luck!

  3. Anonymous

    does ‘husband’ have a name?

  4. dear anonymous, believe it or not he does!
    (and it’s written all over the blog. specifically the header.)

  5. kelly

    hey n! can you relink your friends to your blog? there were some on there that i really loved and i only know how to get there from your blog. i knew i should have added them to my favorites! thanks!

  6. Sarah

    The cake looks so pretty! Haha, I forgot about harmonica’s! That’s rad. I want one now.

  7. I adore this photo collage – it looks fun, and your cake looks AWESOME xx

  8. Emily

    aw, happy late birthday to husband! that cake looks incredible. who would have known you’re an excellent baker too?

  9. Liv

    ice cream cake? what a feat!! congrats on making such a tricky birthday cake!!

  10. Cheryl

    Haha! A harmonica? That’s crazy! How fun.

    Happy birthday Josh!

  11. Rock It

    ooh ice cream cake sounds like a great idea. i must try it. and happy late b-day to josh!

  12. I’m a lactose intolerant ice cream lover too. I feel your hubby’s pain!

  13. geri

    i soooo want a recipe for that CAKE!

    {it looks de-lish!}