1. what a romantic! and did he wear a tie to brunch? love that!

  2. jenna

    that sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day! sigh… :)

  3. cuddling and chinese takeout!? my fav.

  4. Dear Naomi, You blog is the cutest ever!
    Love, Maya

  5. adorable! that sounds so wonderful.

    p.s. i have been following your blog for a couple weeks now, but i decided to stop being such a creep and finally leave a comment. :)

  6. Cil

    Oh, it really sounds as the best of valentines! Congratulations on your amazing blog*

  7. Every time I read your blog my heart gets a little more warm.. :)

  8. Naomi,I want to invite you for a great brunch in a restaurant in my city called “Blue Duck” …boyfriend and I spend very good times there! Come and join us! we will have a great time together {I guess}! :p and my boy wears a tie to brunch as well, and I love it! Haha! :D

  9. …sorry I always type too much here in your comment place! I might send you an email … :)

  10. this is what we did too, except not at Balthazar’s :) Love the black and white photos.

  11. becky

    i’ve never commented, but seriously you have the cutest blog! i just got my headband i purchased from you and fell in love, thank you!

    btw, i am friends with nicole and natalie hill…their parents and husband’s parents are bff’s ;-)

  12. Kelsey

    You guys are my ideal couple and I don’t even know you! Balthazar’s supposedly has the most AMAZING french onion soup.
    P.S I took your advice and went to the Doughnut plant last week while I was in NYC. Creme Brulee is UNREAL!! thanks!

  13. so glad you guys had a lovely valentine’s day. so did we. lots of love xx

  14. Kiasa

    I love the “he didn’t say anything about how much I ordered” because we often go through that ritual! :) What a sweet treat!!!

  15. Ha–last year Levi surprised me with brunch at Balthazars. Good men our boys…

  16. Anonymous

    Hi! Can you please do like…a GUIDE to New York with your advice/opinion on where to eat, what to see/do. I’m sure everyone would love it coming from you! (including myself obviously!)

  17. i just wanted you to know i gave you a link on one of my blogs from the headband i got from you, i love it and i want all of my friends to love them too!

  18. malia

    oh, how sweet. i love this.

  19. so sweet!