marry me.

i found this here  and am in love. it’s absolutely adorable.
directed by michelle lehman, last year’s tropfest austrailia winning film. 
and maybe when i was little i had the biggest little girl crush on a boy 
with a mullet who lived next door named mikey.  
  1. Alice

    awww that is the the sweetest thing since fairyfloss. I heart tropfest :)

  2. jenna

    Oh. My. Word. That video was ADORABLE!! I am so glad you shared!!!

  3. sheila

    that WAS very cute.

  4. Lisa

    That is the cutest thing I have every seen in my life. I am quite certain they could not have found a sweeter mullet. And also, i think i need to move to Austrailia to raise my children so they have cute accents. loved it!

  5. Em & Gar

    that was the best thing I’ve seen all day. thanks for sharing. i’ll probably have to watch it again and again.

  6. Lindsay

    absolutely adorable!

  7. So cute! Hey make some more head bands! I’d like to buy one!

  8. odessa

    oh, so cute! thanks for sharing!

  9. Mallory

    The mullet *was* rather irresistible, I must say…

  10. I have problem watching YouTube videos! :(( I don’t know why, but it shows me another unrelated video! (even on my own blog)
    If you please tell me what I should do?! it’s so hurting!

  11. Candice

    cutest video ever! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  12. loved that.

  13. Martha


  14. KSBL

    so funny and cute!

    loved it!

  15. Katie

    It’s very napoleon dynamyte esque with the music and taking the bike off sweet jumps