man on wire.

i don’t know how i missed this last year. 
if you haven’t, go see man on wire today. 
{you can watch it instantly if you are a member of netflix}.
this man has so much passion for life. 
and what an incredible story.
 watch the trailer here.
  1. Jenna

    Ooo this looks really good. Definitely renting it this weekend.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. nikki

    I watched this over Christmas and thought the same thing. The guy is a little wacky but so passionate.

  3. kd-m

    O! agreed! we watched if a few weeks ago and I’m afraid of heights…my palms we sweating and I was short of breath…but every minute was absolutely beautiful!

  4. Anonymous

    i looooved that movie! >>>>

  5. E.F.G.

    the children’s book is worth a read too… The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. interesting guy.

  6. Oh girl!

    yes yes.

    man he is completely an artist to the extreme.
    (now i need to buy it)

  7. Kaylen

    I watched this a couple of weekends ago with boyfriend – SO SO SO good. Was instantly inspired – and everyone should YouTube Phillipe Petit because he was recently on the Colbert Report and seemed SO comfortable in his skin, which is different for most guests on that show. Petit was not even phased by Colbert!

  8. I have been wanting to watch this forever. Thanks for reminding me.

  9. i almost cried a little when i watched the preview of this last year. so beautiful.

  10. alissa

    i recently watched this on netflix instant. it was incredible.

  11. I bought the DVD recently for my husband and adored it. Petit is such an incredible character!

  12. Evie

    This is amazing. There’s a book too that gives you more of an idea about how long everything took. Loved it.

  13. we saw this at the theater and then as soon as we got home, my husband bought it on dvd… its great and it won the oscar the other night!