let’s celebrate with a tea party… the shop is open!

please do stop by and check it out. 
and by all means, i’d love to hear your feedback.
i’m new to this etsy thing, so please be patient with me.
and…since a tea party is in order,
the first 10 sales will receive one of my favorite tea bags with a purchase.
{yellow and blue caffeine free chamomile and lavender tea. 
by harney and sons fine tea.}
thank you again, everyone!
i love you all.
***while i was trying to learn the ins and outs of etsy late last night, i put up a few headbands in the process for practice. they somehow have already sold, so be sure to check the SOLD items link to see if there is something there you might like. i apologize for this. let me know if you do find something there and i will try to put more up in the shop over the next few days!
  1. I’m so excited!
    So I was one of those people…I was hoping that it would be up early and i saw that it was and I saw that stuff had already sold…I got 2 last night! I am so excited for them!!!!

  2. Meghan

    Yay!! Congrats for getting your store up and running! Everything looks oh so lovely. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Naomi the shop looks divine and I can’t believe you already are sold out of things! Congrats girl!

  4. Meg

    who are you?!!! you’re so amazing, im so proud of you. and yes, i want EVERYTHING!

  5. becca

    NAOMI! Why are so you creative and talented? The shop looks great! I want everything! I can’t believe how many sales you’ve already made. Work girl!

  6. M.

    I just bought 2! Thank you! Cannot wait.

  7. Laura

    Hello! I just ordered mine and I’m very excited about its impending arrival. I’m sure I’ll be back for more soon – that’s what student loans are for, right? x

  8. Sarah

    But I just checked the shop and you are already sold out of the ones I want! How can this be?? Can you make more? Please? I sent you a request on Etsy. Thanks for sharing your great head pieces with us!

  9. katy b


  10. Jill

    already so many sales, congrats on a big first day!

  11. Anonymous

    can you update the shop? you are already sold out and it’s only 8:30 am here in provo! ah! i shouldn’t have slept in.


  12. Anonymous

    sorry- when you have time. i didn’t mean to demand. i just really love your head bands and want a couple!!

  13. congrats on your new shop! best of luck! as if you need it..

  14. Liv

    WOW!! congrats on already having such HUGE success in your shop!

  15. love your blog, and your love :) added you
    love 30 Rock
    love tina fey (who doesn’t)

  16. Em & Gar

    so you’re already sold out of everything. but i’m sure you know this. hopefully you can make some more for an old friend! wink. :) congrats girl. This is awesome!

  17. emily

    Wow, you’re all sold out! Congratulations. I love these. You’re so cute and stylish, but I’m not so stylish. Can I still wear these like you do, or will it just look dumb on me? (I know you don’t know me but I’m talking about in general, if somebody mostly wears boring clothes if she could pull off this look).

  18. Sarah

    wow congratulations! they are so cute, no wonder they sold so fast!

  19. tee

    UGH i ADORE your headbands!!! can’t wait to see what else you have in store – you really are amazing!

  20. congrats. they’re adorable… can’t wait to see more.

  21. Jeannie

    The headbands are great! Did you do all the beadwork yourself, too? :D

  22. sooxie

    hello i’m sandrine, i live in paris and am a big fan of your blog. i’d love to buy a sarah elaine headband and an elisabeth one , everything was sold when i got home ! you had quite a success, congratulations.
    i can’t wait to see other items on you etsy shop.