last night around 3AM, husband elbowed me in the mouth while we were sleeping…

and almost 24 hours later my mouth is just now reaching its full capacity of soreness. 

oh, and my gums are purple and blue.

it’s a good thing i love this man.
{josh, please remember this next time i ask you for a puppy.}

photo of us by johnny monahan from wayyy back in the day… 
before marriage, bangs, our little blog or the recent developments in wanting a puppy.
  1. ahhhh ouch. hey we’re finally going to put the pictures up on our blog from zions. stay tuned….

  2. Anonymous

    wow i love that photo you. your posts are so cute and witty. i love your blog too.

  3. haha…my husby elbowed me in the eye once while we were sleeping. Luckily it didn’t bruise.

    Hope your sore mouth feels better soon!

  4. Anonymous

    My boo does this almost on a weekly basis. I have to fall asleep after him and put his arms down JUST IN CASE!! YOU’RE SO ADORABLE!

  5. Cheryl

    I kicked my husband once while we were sleeping and now he puts pillows in-between us. I get mad but I kick and understand so I guess this is OK.

    At least he didn’t knock any teeth out!

  6. Jenna

    My advice: get a puppy. Yes, they are a lot of work but SO worth it.

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  8. Natalie*

    get a puppy! get a puppy! you DESERVE it!

  9. Kirsten

    My husband has a bad case of the “jimmy arms” (yes, I am quoting from Seinfeld). It used to drive me nuts when we were dating but after eight years of marriage I find it reassuring. Weird.

  10. Brittany

    Oh la la that photo is something! You look good with and without bangs! What?

    I vote no for the puppy. Mine keeps me up all night and while I love her, I love sleep more.

  11. ouch! Hope your mouth feels better! Love the photo!

  12. Em & Gar

    I am DYING for a puppy!!! I hope you get one soon!

  13. Charlotte A.

    What kind of puppy are you thinking of? I love corgies and little scottie dogs. I used to have a jack russell terrier and she was sooooo awesome!! I hope your mouth feels better too! :)

  14. Liv

    oh no no no no no to puppies. yes to dogs. no to puppies! it’s heart-breaking to raise a puppy. everything makes them cry.

    but if you adopt a dog, there’s less crying. for you and the dog.

  15. Anonymous

    oh i followed the link over for the article. your blog is great. i’m mormon too. thanks for a good representation of who we really are and what we stand for. i love your blog!

  16. Anonymous

    Hi, what does Taza mean exactly? I’ve been dying to know but always forget to ask and will probably forget to ask again if you do not reply so please address!! LOL I’m very curious.

  17. Charlotte A.

    I think taza means teacup in spanish doesn’t it?

  18. jen

    goodness this happened to me all the time! Although sometimes he’d miss my mouth and knock my forehead. Before we got our boat for a bed i’d continually be sporting bruises on my face. :)

  19. Anonymous

    Haha…..I love your blog.
    I got elbowed in the mouth last night too (by accident during sleeping hours :)

  20. Anna

    once my husband dumped a cup of water on my face in the middle of the night…accidentally. So funny, though it is strange to be woken up in the middle of the night with water in the face.

    Hope the swelling goes down soon…ouch.

  21. lyndsey

    ha! funny story. i’ve been punched a couple times in two years of marriage, but once my husband flat out kicked me with all his strength [he said later he was dreaming of sliding into home base during a baseball game]. we wives endure a lot for the men we love! feel better soon.

    p.s. ive been your blog stalker for a while but never commented :) guess i’m outed now.

  22. Anonymous

    Don’t get a puppy! What you really want is a baby and a puppy will only hold you over for so long and then when you really do get the baby you will neglect the puppy and then feel bad about it. Classic.

  23. Krysta

    get a puppy! Yes having a puppy is difficult (way harder than you think it’s going to be even when you think it’s going to be harder than you think), but puppies grow into dogs and dogs are really something special. And puppies are so cute it helps you through the difficult parts.

  24. Anonymous

    NO PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will regret it and neglect it once you have a baby, please don’t get one!!!!

  25. Ouch! So sorry. Dan bit me once about a year ago in his sleep. That was not fun.

  26. You two are so adorable!! I love your blog and hope that when I get married our relationship will be as fun and cute as yours! :) Good luck on getting a puppy!

  27. Anonymous

    no to puppies. HAVE A BABY. are you aware how cute your offspring will be???? well, what are you waiting for??

  28. Sarah

    cute photo!

  29. kari

    Puppy, baby, do whatever you like. There’s no reason to hurry. You are both rockstars, and your blog is lovely.

  30. What kind of puppy?