husband went out for italian tonight after work with a friend.
he brought me home some linguine with clams.
but before he gave it to me, he said we had to kiss before i ate the pasta.
not a big fan of garlic, that one.
or so the wife is learning.
sweet of him to still wanna kiss me though.
image via le love.
  1. Naomi,

    your comments make our day !
    we cant wait to print out that reminder
    and stick it on an some unsuspecting
    co-ed's door.

    we hope you had a good evening & we
    can't wait to hear more about this
    amazing job you have.
    xox kdb

  2. i sent that to my bf on valentines day! he said it was the greatest email he’s ever gotten.

  3. Anonymous

    so cute.

  4. Burgess

    I just discovered you this evening. You are bloody adorable. And I want to be you. Or just your friend, that would be okay, too. :)

  5. How sweet! And I love those Kate Spade e-cards…very fun. I too sent my husband one for Valentine’s day.

  6. Sarah

    i love this. it made me laugh.

  7. Carolyn

    That is too cute. Make out before the take out!!

  8. adorable.

  9. it doesn’t get any sweeter! :)

  10. I hope you took full advantage of this situation and really MADE OUT before eating your dinner!!! Haha!

  11. Prianka

    haha, I LOVE those Kate Spade cards!

  12. [J]

    I found this quote funny because after our lives have become so routine sometimes we have to verbally remind each other to make time for things like this.
    Not that we don’t have a marriage full of love but it’s easy to become busy with other things!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  13. yay! i’m gonna clip that right now and e it to my husband :)