1. How creative and clever is this? I love that you always are like “I’m not crafty.” Um, ok.

  2. Claudia

    It looks lovely! I’ve been working on something similar for my boyfriend. It’s so much fun to work on! I can’t wait to finish it so I can give it to him! :) Are there any pages you’d be willing to post? I’d love to see some of the inside! Of course, if it’s too personal to post on the internets, that’s totally understandable!

  3. you’re so crafty and adorable… you have one very lucky husband! :)

  4. such a sweet idea! and i love how it’s not overly pink and red, but still very romantic :)

  5. I did the same thing for my husband for Valentine’s Day!

    Yours turned out really great! :)

  6. Anonymous

    This blog is the most amazing I have ever seen! It’s so artistic and beautiful and inspiring. I think you are doing a lot of good in the world in your wonderful own way.

  7. I <3 it. It's like the grown-up romantic version of the one for little kids with the bunny who has a big fluffy cotton tail.

    You know the one.

  8. Carolyn

    How cute is that. I bet he loved that very thoughtful gift.

  9. sheila

    That books looks like a keeper. I hope he reads it everyday.

  10. so cute!! The hearts on top are amazing!!

  11. Shug

    that is freaking awesome. you guys are my idols :)

  12. jodi

    so sweet. thank you, mine was lovely. I have no doubt that yours was pretty special too.

  13. wow. where did you get all of your creative skills?

  14. Martha

    CUTE! I hand made valentines for my family this year too :)

  15. Brett


  16. Julia

    you are brilliant, and very clever

  17. Mandi

    This is what I did for our 1 years anni (last Spring) and it was sooo much fun thinking of cute things to say to *him.* :)

    Too bad we can’t see the inside!!

  18. ana

    what a great idea!!! :)

  19. Maja

    Cute… He´s lucky!

  20. What a sweet wife you are.

  21. how fun! He probably got teary eyed huh? CUTE!

  22. Chaucee

    Oh I love this!

  23. Rock It

    omg this is so cute… crafty made from the heart gifts are the best!


  24. Julie

    That is so, so sweet. I love it!

  25. Patricia

    Oh my goodness this is LOVELY! I don't know if you check past comments, but if you do: How on earth did you make the binding and stuff? On your own or did you bring it in to a craft shop?