i think we finally found it…

let the hunt for the best nyc burger be over, 

and come celebrate with us at blt burger.
seriously, we think it’s the best we’ve had in 
all our long years living in nyc 
{well, so far at least}.
coming in at a close second, corner bistro.
also, we don’t mind the shake shack, the burger joint or brgr.
however, we’re not recommending fanelli cafe or jackson hole.
also- we still haven’t had a bad burger at mcdonalds.
just sayin’. 
  1. Wonderful! I was wondering how long the search would last… I’d ask you to mail me one but I don’t think it would travel as well as the headband- which incidentally I adore!

  2. Andi

    Have you tried BGR Burger in D.C. yet? My husband and I have been on a hunt for the best burger here too, and that place was the winner! It is delicious, to die for, yummy!!! It’s pretty close to the temple, so it’s a tradition for us to go after every session. Yum! You’ll have to try it next time you’re in the area.

  3. katie

    yay! glad you found your burger!

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  5. Anonymous

    BLT Fish is also good!

  6. jenna

    Mmm… now I know what I am craving for lunch…

    Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your joy & little bits of inspiration with us. I've been thinking about the things that inspire me (actually wrote a new post on that a little bit ago), and you are one of those people who always seem so spark inspiration!

  7. Sarah

    I saw you in Time Out Magazine this morning! Work girl!

  8. You gotta try “Stand” too, before you make your final decision! Haha. ;)
    Not only are the burgers incredible, it’s the best milkshake I’ve ever tasted – get the Toasted Marshmallow!

  9. Em & Gar

    so i checked out the link and they have turkey burgers!!! yum! I’m totally in! now I just gotta get to NY! :)

  10. becca

    I love the way you wear your headbands! I finally ordered one this morning! (The SUMAYRA!) Thanks! I can’t wait.

  11. sheila

    awesome! I’ll have to check it out someday. Thanks for doing the dirty work. hehehe

  12. Cheryl

    I need to try this, if it’s THE rock star burger!!! Haha!

  13. Ohh-la-la- excited to try. Congrats on the Time Out write up.

  14. You are so beautiful! We really miss you.

  15. Sounds delicious! I am looking forward to one day visiting NYC again {hopefully in the near future} so my husband and I can go to some of these wonderful restaurants you blog about. You should create your very own “Guide to New York”

  16. flutter

    you guys are so cute

  17. Naomi, you look just like your brother Issac in this picture. Too adorable!

  18. Martha

    Yeah! I’ll just have you know that I had this mad craving for a Big Mac the other night and just went and got one :)

  19. caroline

    (My) husband and I did our version of the burger quest a few years back when we lived in NYC: we were on the hunt for the best veggie burger. The winner was the Garden Apartment Burger at Dizzy's, 8th Ave & 9th St in Brooklyn. If you're ever on the F train, you should check it out… they definitely have burgers of the beef variety. Love your blog – it brings back my sparkly memories of the city.

  20. Katie

    You need to try STAND and RARE before you leave. Just saying.