i liked this.

eight year old victoria handed me this note in sacrament meeting today at church. i guess she noticed i wasn’t wearing any lipstick and it bothered her. 
incase you can’t fully read it, it says:
“ms. n, can you wear some lipstick. i mean now. please.” 
this is why i love being in primary
and why i love life. 
  1. that. is. awesome.

    i’d frame it.

  2. Meg Fee

    wow! you are a rockstar. tomorrow when i return to school i think i’ll rock the red lip look. even if i feel a little woozy, the lips will inspire confidence!

  3. that is one fashion conscious elementary student…

  4. I love that. Kids are funny. I love that she called you ms. n and I love that I can remember being in primary with you. Wow, and now you are practically famous. At least on the blog world.

  5. that’s so cute and beyond amazing. I was going to post about how today at church a girl said “mommmy, why is that girl wearing a crown?” (I was wearing one of my headbands) her continued: “But im not wearing a crown. My crown is broken.” kids are so cute

  6. Julia

    that is the sweetest thing.

  7. Lana Lou

    I love it! The honesty of the Primary kiddos is unreal, especially when they start telling the family secrets! Yikes!

  8. I love that. I think you looked wonderful yesterday, with out without lipstick. I forgot mascara!!!

  9. Natalie*

    i LOVE that.

    we still gathering today?

    maybe bloomies?

  10. Micaela

    i LOVE what kids say sometimes. That’s cute!!!

  11. ellen


  12. M.

    Oh how darling! I bet the kids love you!

  13. That is fantastic. Last week, we had Andrew sitting next to us. His notes on the program read: “GIT ME OUTTA HERE!” It’s hanging up on our wall.

  14. i was just recently introduced to your blog and find it extremely lovely..

    Could you please tell me What kind of lipstick you use… I have been on the search for a keeper for about a year. I’m looking for one that doesn’t kiss off, but doesn’t dry and flake or bleed on to the rest of your face….Help! Thanks!


  15. Anna

    You can always depend on the young to be honest!

  16. Prianka

    I’ve been reading your blog for about maybe two months now via Smitten. I love it, your red lipstick, and the sayings of kids.

  17. This is awesome! Hilarious!

  18. Martha

    Ha ha that's great! Some of the funniest stuff ever said to my face was when I was teaching CTR5&6 last summer! You've just got to love it ;)

  19. Thais

    That is too funny!

  20. jen

    hehe silly.
    i love primary too.
    isn’t it the most wonderful place?

  21. Bloody brilliant! I love kids, They are so blunt, so open and so honest! keep that forever! x